each post earns him €191,248

each post earns him €191,248

Being a beauty influencer, a passion that can pay off – very – big. The most famous vloggers on the planet, the Dutch Nikkie de Jäger in the lead, earn crazy sums with each publication on Instagram, YouTube and TikTok. To determine which ones win the jackpot when they share their hair and makeup tips, the shopping site Cosmetify used 3 innovative tools.

Offered by Influencer Marketing Hub, Feed Pixel and Nox Influencer, these calculators make it possible to estimate the money potentially pocketed by influencers. Revenues often linked to advertisements (broadcast on YouTube), content sponsored by brands, or even donations from their fans. Verdict, the vlogger who tops Cosmetify’s “Beauty influencer rich list 2022” is… Safia Nygaard.

Safia Nygaard Highest-Paid Beauty Influencer Per Post

Safia Nygaard earns €191,248 per post

9.5 million: this is the colossal number of subscribers to Safia Nygaard on YouTube. Such a success that the American potentially earns €182,544 for each video published on the platform. So much so that she is at the top of the ranking of beauty influencers with the highest earnings per publication. The vlogger would thus prevent €191,248 per post in total, adding her earnings on TikTok (€1,749) and Instagram (€6,955).

An influencer who invites humor into beauty

The influencer, who launched her channel in November 2011, relies on eclecticism to seduce her fans. If she presents the traditional techniques in vogue (professional exfoliation of the scalp, testing beauty hacks unearthed on the networks, etc.), Safia Nygaard is openly humorous.

Launching “beauty challenges” (“beauty challenges”, in English), she melts 603 lipsticks to create a new shade, lets her fans choose her next hair color, or even buys her makeup products blind. – literally, wearing a blindfold.

Huda Kattan and James Charles close the podium

With earnings of €172,149 and €141,111 respectively per publication, Huda Kattan and James Charles close the podium. But unlike Safia Nygaard, who gets her income almost exclusively from YouTube, these two star influencers earn more dollars through Instagram.

The platform brings in €163,307 per post for the Huda Beauty founder (95% of her total earnings) and €73,491 for the makeup artist, model and influencer (52%).

James Charles is also better paid than his two competitors by TikTok: each post on the Chinese site earns him €34,194, against “only” €7,596 for Huda Kuttan and €1,749 for Safia Nygaard.

The 5 highest paid beauty influencers per post

The highest paid beauty influencers on the 3 platforms (YouTube, TikTok and Instagram)

  • Safia Nygaard: €191,248
  • Huda Kattan: €172,149
  • James Charles: €141,118
  • Bretman Rock: €118,959
  • Nikkita Dragun: €96,660
  • Chiara Ferragni: €95,992

The Highest-Paid Beauty Influencers on TikTok

  • James Charles: €34,194
  • Bretman Rock: €13,308
  • Nikita Dragun: €12,240
  • Husband Maria: €7,975
  • Anna O’Brien: €7,830

The highest paid beauty influencers on Instagram

  • Huda Kattan: €163,307
  • Chiara Ferragni: €89,123
  • James Charles: €73,491
  • Husband Maria: €64,871
  • Bretman Rock: €59,347

The highest paid beauty influencers on YouTube

  • Safia Nygaard: €182,544
  • Nikita Dragun: €55,443
  • Pony Makeup: €54,623
  • Bretman Rock: €46,303
  • Denitslava: €41,130

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