“Glass skin”: the Korean beauty routine for radiant skin – Beauty

"Glass skin": the Korean beauty routine for radiant skin - Beauty

Who says back to school, says new beauty routine. And this year, it is the “glass skin” that seems to be favored by social networks. Known for several years, this skincare trend straight from Korea – a true ancestral tradition – promises a fresh, luminous and radiant, almost translucent complexion in just a few steps.

After the “jello skin” and the “dolphin skin”, social network users swear by the “glass skin”in other words the “glass skin”, which is characterized by a naturally fresh and crystalline complexion, radiating beauty and health, without visible pores or imperfections. Like a piece of glass. A utopia ? Perhaps, if we consider that such a result also depends on the lifestyle, and – injustice obliges – on each type of skin, but it is clear that the trend is emulated on social networks. The hashtag #glassskin is the source of more than 700,000 publications on Instagram, and more than 550 million views on TikTok, testifying to the interest in this routine which is based on a well-known art…

The art of layering

To try to obtain the radiant and translucent complexion that is generally attributed to Korean women, it is therefore enough to take an interest in their beauty routine. And this, as we know, essentially revolves around layering, in other words the superposition of different layers of care to maximize their effect on the skin. A practice abandoned at the end of confinement in favor of a simplified and natural beauty routine, but which therefore seems to be making a comeback at the dawn of the new school year. The idea may seem paradoxical, but it’s about obtaining a naturally fresh and luminous complexion – requiring very little makeup – thanks to a very elaborate beauty routine.

Rest assured, however, if some beauty routines from Asia use a dozen steps – and therefore layers – half should – or could – be enough to make your complexion fresher and more radiant. One thing to always keep in mind: the key word of this beauty routine is none other than hydration. The idea is to nourish your skin as much as possible to give it a plump, almost plumped appearance with a shiny finish. Some go so far as to speak of a wet effect, that is to say how hydration plays a key role in obtaining a “glass skin”.

Five steps to a flawless complexion

You don’t have to spend a ton of time in your beauty routine trying to achieve that coveted porcelain complexion. We also realize very quickly that the majority of the steps of layering are already acquired by most of us, starting with the make-up removal and cleaning. We usually talk about a double cleansing in one and the same step, but it is first necessary to rid your skin of all traces of make-up and impurities accumulated throughout the day, then to cleanse it with a gentle care to purify it deeply. You then have two options: use an exfoliating cleanser, or add a third step to exfoliate dead skin to optimize cell regeneration.

To obtain a “glass skin”, it is advisable to apply a lotion after cleansing. Whether toning, moisturizing, refreshing, or soothing, it will awaken the radiance of the complexion, and meet the needs of each skin type. In Asia, rice cooking water can be used as a lotion, acclaimed for its many virtues. Then, the final two steps are based exclusively on hydration, using a serum first, then a richer cream, applied in a thick layer, to ensure a perfect glow.

Note that it is quite possible to include one or more additional steps, such as the application of an eye contour treatment, for example. This beauty routine varies greatly from user to user. It is also necessary to be aware of the importance of hydration from the inside, and of a healthy lifestyle, to obtain this famous radiant flawless complexion. Drinking water, consuming fruits and vegetables, practicing a sport, and sleeping well, will have just as much impact on the appearance of your skin.as does the application of daily sun protection.


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