In pictures: find our selection of treatments for heavy legs

Sélection de gels et crèmes pour les jambes lourdes

Summer and the heat are definitely here, which can cause heavy and painful legs, especially at the end of the day. This phenomenon, which affects more and more women, but also men, is the result of poor blood circulation. With high temperatures, the veins dilate and the blood does not rise properly. To remedy this, many cosmetic brands have launched creams, gels or even oils with refreshing and toning effects. Indeed, the cold is known to improve venous return, facilitate drainage and relieve congestion. Once applied, the legs benefit from an almost instantaneous feeling of freshness and are much lighter. Selection.

Clarins – Toning

With extracts of chamomile, basil, sage and cypress, this special milk for heavy legs helps to tone and revitalize them. Thanks to its ultra light texture, it can be applied throughout the day for soft and fresh legs.

Heavy legs milk Credit: Clarins

Toning energizing emulsion milk for heavy legs. Price: €41.20.

Phyt’s – Stimulating

This stimulating oil is composed of essential oils of cinnamon, Scots pine and rosemary. Applied during a leg massage from bottom to top, it helps stimulate microcirculation and promotes the feeling of light legs.

Light legs oil Credit: Phyt's

Aroma Phyt’s light legs. Price: €23.50.

Bernard Cassière – Draining

Thanks to its formula rich in tropical complex based on pineapple, green tea and coffee, this fluid promotes drainage of the legs while making them firmer and lighter. Arnica extracts and menthol act on the instant freshness effect.

Light legs fluid Credit: Bernard Cassière

Light legs fluid. Price: €23.90.

Ericson Laboratories – Refreshing

This gel with the cryo-energizing complex based on menthol, camphor and guarana provides an immediate cold effect. It is to be applied from the ankles to the thighs by applying pressure on the legs in order to stimulate blood circulation.

Toned leg gel Credit: Ericson Laboratoires

Cryo-active gel toned legs. Price: 62 euros.

Guinot – Revitalizing

Its formula enriched with menthol refreshes the legs almost immediately with its “ice cube” effect. Thanks to its gel formula, it is easy to apply and allows the legs to be refreshed, refined and firmed over the long term.

Light legs gel Credit: Guinot

Light legs gel. Price: 34 euros.

Phytomer – Decongestant

Based on menthol and centella asiatica, this gel with a non-sticky cream texture allows the legs to be more toned and fresh. It also promotes decongestion and blood microcirculation. As soon as it is applied, it provides a feeling of well-being.

Cryotonic gel Credit: Phytomer

Cryotonic gel. Price: €37.10.

Omum – Moisturizing

Formulated with cucumber and fractionated lemon extract, this gel provides an immediate refreshing effect on the legs. It is also moisturizing thanks to aloe vera and glycerin. The legs are therefore lighter, softer and not greasy.

Heavy legs gel Credit: Omum

Refreshing gel for light legs L’Envolée. Price: €19.50.

Susanne Kaufmann – Soothing

Both light and hydrating, this body gel is enriched with hyaluronic acid, aloe vera and menthol to provide an almost immediate sensation of freshness on the legs. The skin is then soothed and nourished for the whole day.

Leg gel Credit: Susanne Kaufmann

Body gel with hyaluronic acid. Price: 57 euros.

Legology – Firming

In the form of a cream, this Legology treatment provides draining, toning and moisturizing benefits on heavy legs while fighting against water retention. Thanks to the two complexes Pro-Contour and LegActiv, the legs are relieved, firmed and decongested.

Heavy legs cream Credit: Legology

Air-Lite (intensive leg treatment). Price: 83 euros.

Freshly – Revitalizing

Composed of 99.7% ingredients of natural origin, this serum in the form of a gel rich in hyaluronic acid relieves heavy and tired legs by fighting against water retention, inflammation and the appearance of varicose veins. Red algae and menthol provide an immediate sensation of freshness.

Heavy legs serum Credit: Freshly Cosmetics

Hyaluronic energy body serum. Price: 26 euros.

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