Private paramedics make their voices heard with the government.

Private paramedics make their voices heard with the government.

The profession is still little known and is struggling to develop. in Guadeloupe there is a need for personnel but recruitment is difficult because of certain administrative constraints. The profession is mobilizing to be better recognized and above all, to encourage vocations as paramedics

Since July 1, 2022, the date of entry into force of the UPH reform, which notably reorganizes the ambulance service, paramedics are recognized as health, emergency and care professionals and no longer only as specialized carriers.

However, professionals in the ambulance sector are well aware of this: their profession does not attract enough young people and many positions, both overseas and in France, are not filled.
However, those who have chosen to exercise it are those who talk about it the best.


Arguments that particularly interested Lolla Jules. This is what motivated his choice. She decided to become a paramedic.


In France, paramedics carry out more than 33% of pre-hospital emergency activity and take care of 5 million patients per year for a total number of 40 million calls to 15 centres, of which 25 million do not require transport but a simple reorientation.



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And the future is already announced since we know that, in France, there will be 4 million additional seniors in 2050, largely losing their autonomy – associated with the increase in long-term illnesses, increases the demands for charge.

For the profession, it is therefore urgent to take things head on to:

  • Welcoming young people into the profession from the age of 18 (against 21 years currently) by offering them a real career in health and by integrating the driving license into the training,
  • Become the gateway to health professions such as those of nursing assistant, nurse or emergency doctor at the SMUR thanks to bridges between health facilities and also to promote professional retraining,
  • Create a Professional Paramedic Baccalaureate in order to massively train the paramedics that our country needs to take care of French people in emergency situations, illness or dependency
  • Put in place the valuation of acquired experience (VAE) to help resolve the lack of state-certified paramedics.


The paramedics are seeing it: their profession is becoming more feminized. Now, 40% of those who exercise it are women. And the challenges that await it push it to modernize. A future that they themselves define as follows:

always be as close as possible to patients by offering in particular on-board telemedicine (on-board suitcase – digital tablets) as one of the 2.0 solutions to medical deserts.

National Chamber of Ambulance Services

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