This beauty accessory from the 2000s is making a comeback

This beauty accessory from the 2000s is making a comeback

The style of the 2000s has been making a comeback for a few months now. Whether it’s make-up, hair color, clothes and shoes, but also accessories. And at the moment, what’s coming back into fashion is the hair band.

The hair band to find everywhere

Distant cousin of headbands, the hair bands are very much part of these beauty accessories of the 2000s, which have lost popularity over the years. After the trend that held during the style effervescence of the 2000s, headbands have practically become a has-been over time. But today, they proudly come back on the heads of all fashion and beauty influencers.

What makes these little head accessories ultra desirable is that they are inexpensive, that they are available in lots of colors and patterns, and above all, that they are available almost everywhere. There are some with rhinestones, others with sequins, and even with pearls.

For example, Asos offers a set of two jersey headbands at 14.99 euros, with a pale pink model and a light green.

Set of two Asos headbands, €14.99

At H&M, find a set of three headbands including a black, a brown and a leopard pattern for 7.99 euros. Moreover, other packs are available, with several colors and different prints.

Set of three H&M headbands, €7.99

And finally, on Amazon, you can get a set of eight hair bands for 8.99 euros, with black, orange, white, navy blue, light blue, red, pink and gray models.

How to wear the hair band?

If you’re not ready to take on the headband on the street yet, then you can use it as a beauty accessory, when you’re doing your makeup or doing your evening skin care routine. Alternatively, placing it in the front of your hair like a headband, so your hair is tucked neatly back. Or, like @mademoiselleimanne on TikTok, you can put it on the same way, but leaving two strands in the front.

@mademoiselleimanne Reply to @lea__bpt voila?? (ig: mademoiselleimane) #hairstyle #coiffurefacile? Sunny Day – Ted Fresco

Like @lilyslilah, it is also possible to fold two more large locks on each side, so that you can braid them and dress your face.

@lilyslilah Reply to @astuce_.girl_.m We’re going to see some headbands this summer!! My favorite remains that of @Scrunchie is back?? the tab to adjust it changes everything omg! #hairband #collaboration #hairbandhairstyle #coiffureete #summerhairstyle2022 #coiffurefacile?? #tutocoiffurerapide? Te Felicito – Shakira & Rauw Alejandro

And more simply, tie your hair in a ponytail, in a bun or in a half-ponytail, and place your headband.

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