her tips for taking care of curly, frizzy and frizzy hair

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Need advice on how to take care of your curly, frizzy or frizzy hair? Anaïs Grangerac reveals her routine, her products and her tips.

Just like skin and nails, hair need to be cared for and maintained. Easier said than done when you have hair curly, curly or frizzy. Three types of hair that have long lacked representation on TV, in the cinema, or in the series, and for which the instructions for use, like the adapted products, have been slow to arrive.

As we say Anais GrangeracTelevision presenter : “Frizzy, curly and frizzy hair can impress at first glance, but you just have to find the right gestures and the right routine”. The journalist reveals some of her favorite products, everyday tips and tricks, as well as her hair routine to help you know and understand your hair type. Find out how to take care of your mane.

What’s a good shower routine?

If straight hair tends to quickly become greasy at the roots, this is not the case with curly hair (the vast majority). On the contrary, the more frequently you wash them, the more they will grease. Anaïs Grangerac recommends that you wash them once or twice a week if you have done sports, or in hot weather.

She also adds: “our hair is not made to be wet too often, especially since limescale attacks the hair”. Instead, the TV host invites you to use the technique of co-wash (wash her hair with conditioner).

An effect often seen with curly/frizzy/frizzy hair: “the dirtier the hair, the more beautiful the curl”. You will also see that in general, it’s 3 days from the shampoo that the curls are the most beautiful. To take care of her hair in the shower, Anaïs Grangerac uses products from Niwel in the So Curl range, specially designed for curly and wavy hair.

When should you brush your hair?

As you must have seen, it’s not a good idea to brush your hair dry. The curls break, the hair swells, but it is also and above all the best way to tear your hair out. This does not mean that it neglects brushing. This step is simply done under water, once the hair is wet. This makes them easier to detangle and doesn’t break the curls.

What are the gestures to avoid when you have curly, curly or frizzy hair?

As advised above, detangling dry hair is not recommended. There are also other gestures that should not be reproduced, such as sleep with hair tied up, or keeping the same shampoo too long. Indeed, it is important to vary so as not to accustom the hair to a single formula, to change scents and types of curls according to the composition of the products.

Ingredients to recommend for curly, frizzy or frizzy hair

coconut oil is one of the champion products in any category for hair care. “I choose it in the food department and preferably organic”, advises Anaïs Grangerac. She also uses the Shea Butter with which she makes masks that she leaves on all night. “It is not recommended for straight hair because the material is difficult to remove, but for curly, frizzy and frizzy hair, it is perfect. Our hair nature absorbs what it needs and the excess washes off easily the next day”.

What is your hair routine ?

I use the wash and co shampoo and styling cream from Niwel, or the shea care cream from DOP. Sometimes, I apply the perfect coil oil curl gel from Mizani or the oil miracle from Niwel to enhance the curl.”, told us Anaïs Grangerac.

Just like her skin, the journalist does not forget to protect your hair from the sun. For this, she uses Nuxe Protective Moisturizing Milky Capillary Oil. The hair is just as sensitive to UV and lightens in summer. If the effect is very beautiful, it is no less dangerous for the hair fiber which becomes fragile.

Finally, for the night, Anaïs Grangerac sleeps with a silk pillowcase. Unlike cotton which is very absorbent, silk will leave hair (and skin) hydrated and shiny. The host has also designed a collection with the brand Benu Blanc to allow textured hair to spend better nights.

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