How to successfully brush your hair like a pro?

How to successfully brush your hair like a pro?

Succeeding in your brushing from home… A vast undertaking that most often ends in failure. Unruly hair, stubborn frizz, unsuitable brush or hair dryer… A step-by-step guide to avoiding these many obstacles and having a blow-dry worthy of the finest hair salons.

All the steps to perfectly succeed your brushing

1/ Wash your hair with a disciplining shampoo

The first essential step for a successful brushing? Wash your hair with, preferably, a smoothing shampoo/conditioner combo that will tame flyaways while making them softer and shinier. Our favorite treatments: the Smooth Infusion™ range fromAveda whose formula contains a blend of oils with smoothing and nourishing properties (tamanu and Kalahari melon seeds) and a vegetable polymer that overcomes the most stubborn frizz. Second option, the smoothing duo signed Living Proof which effectively eliminates all traces of pollution, sebum or perspiration, in addition to preventing the formation of split ends.

Aveda – Smooth Infusion™ Shampoo


Aveda via

Aveda – Smooth Infusion™ Conditioner

35 €

Aveda via

Living Proof – Frizz Shampoo

27 €

Living Proof via

Living Proof – Frizz Conditioner

27 €

Living Proof via

If the hair material is prone to the appearance of flyaways, shampoo with the gel texture of Phyto includes, meanwhile, a disciplining plant complex that both protects the hair from heat and eliminates all forms of frizz for a promise lasting 72 hours.

Phyto – Anti-frizz Brushing Jelly


Phyto via

2/ Coat your hair with a nourishing oil or a thermo-protective treatment

Indispensable to prevent damage caused by heating appliances, it is recommended to apply a nourishing oil on your still wet lengths after leaving the shower. Among the oils that we recommend: those infused with argan oil from Moroccanoil which softens and improves the texture of the hair or brushing oil Redken which strengthens the weakened hair fiber while providing flexibility, shine and protection.

Moroccanoil – Multi-Purpose Hair Care

36 €

Moroccanoil via

Redken – Brushing Oil


Redken via

Another option for the most fragile hair: apply, before the pre-drying stage, a thermo-protective treatment, which in addition to meeting very specific needs (restructured fiber, impeccable smoothing, anti-frizz action, etc.) will sheathe the hair and allow the brushing to last longer. We particularly like the fortifying and anti-hair loss brushing fluid from Keratastasis which has been developed to protect the most fragile hair and allow brushing without any risk. It contains ginger root which acts as a shield against all kinds of external aggressions (including heating devices) and the hair fiber as well as native edelweiss cells – a powerful antioxidant which preserves the collagen present in the hair. Finally, the tsuki shape spray from shu uemura allows you to easily shape your hairstyle. Activated by the heat of a heating appliance, this mist-textured spray is applied to the hair to increase its volume or create pretty waves.

Kérastase – Genesis Thermal Defense

33 €

Kerastase via

shu uemura art of hair – Spray tsuki shape

38 €

shu uemura art of hair via

For thick, frizzy or curly hair, the leave-in lotion fromEugene Perma facilitates detangling while not damaging curls and waves, thanks to a cocktail of wheat and soy amino acids with disciplining properties.

Eugène Perma – Brushing Lotion


Eugène Perma via

3/ Pre-dry and brush your hair

Essential to create a nice movement, the pre-drying step will remove all the moisture present in the hair fiber and allow the hair to gain volume.
Finally, the best way to perfectly succeed in brushing and to acquire the right gestures is to have adequate tools, whether in the choice of your brush or your hair dryer.

For fine, medium-length hair or fringes, the round boar-bristle brush specially designed for blow-drying by Hair Ritual by Sisley easily tames frizz and instantly adds density.

Hair Rituel by Sisley – Blow Dry Brush N°1

54 €

Hair Ritual by Sisley via

For other hair types, the eco-responsible bamboo brush developed by John Masters Organics adapts to the capillary mass, whatever its nature. Its soft nubs sheath the material while offering, as a bonus, a pure moment of relaxation.

John Masters Organics – Brown Blow-Dry Brush

35 €

John Masters Organics via

Among the hair dryers recommended for blow-drying worthy of a hair salon: the GHD which contains an ionic technology that ensures precise results in record time and ultra-shiny hair.

GHD – Air® Hair Dryer

Latest novelty of the specialized brand T3the Airebrush Duo blowing brush has interchangeable tips and 15 different heat and speed combinations to best adapt to the desired result (straightened, wavy, curly hair, etc.) and to easily achieve an impeccable blow-dry.

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