the news of the city center of Mâcon

the news of the city center of Mâcon

The M & C Signature grooming salon opened the third week of August, at 30 rue Franche. M & C like Mathieu and Christian, the two partners behind this new business in the city centre.

After having launched a first salon in Brittany four years ago, both wanted to settle in a new city, ” a nice place, not too big and well located “. Everything that the Lamartinian city can offer thanks in particular to its geographical location and its proximity to infrastructure. ” We travel a lot in France and Europe for competitions, they explain. We visited a lot of places, but here we had great contacts with the services of the City. »

So here they are in Mâcon to bring their know-how: Golden Scissors in 2019 and the 2019 French Championship in open class with an Expo poodle for Mathieu, Golden Scissors in 2020 in open class, as well as the French Championship in 2017 as a future pro with an American cocker spaniel for Christian, and members of the French team which will be in Belgium at the end of September). Both practice the art of grooming in their living room with real passion: scissor cuts, clippings, hair removal, baths and treatments… and all the other techniques. They also do maintenance and development of dogs for competitions (handling all breeds).

“A real respect for dogs with a real performance”

Their knowledge of the different breeds of dogs allows them to treat each of them according to their coat. ” We don’t work on a chain, we are above all passionate and we make sure to offer a good service so that people are happy and the dogs are well treated with two to three hour treatments. There is a real respect for the dogs with a real performance. We go to the end of things even on the cosmetic products used which will make it possible to take care of the skin and hair of dogs, that they are clean longer, smell good longer, tie knots less quickly… purebred dogs, there is a respect for the standard. We participate in many grooming competitions and we see many different breeds, which allows us today as enthusiasts to guarantee a real lasting result for each of them. »

In the former premises of the Biosp’haire show, everything has been refurbished and also rearranged so that the animals feel good with several areas dedicated to cutting, drying, washing… in an industrial decor spirit. Far from the standard of other salons. ” We are also very keen on smells and hair. Even if you are in a grooming salon, you should not smell it when pushing the door. In the same way, so that the dogs are comfortable and less stressed, they are placed in height as soon as they are welcomed so that they have a view of the outside and are reassured. »

M & C Signature also offers various accessories, as well as food made in France. That is several hundred quality products for maintenance, food and dressing of the dog. And all this, products and services, financially accessible.

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