Do we erase imperfections to make a new skin?

Do we erase imperfections to make a new skin?

The right gestures for beautiful skin

Acne, blackheads, scars, brown spots… skin imperfections can poison our lives, especially if they take over the face. So, what are the factors that promote the appearance of pimples? What are the good hygiene gestures for healthy skin? How to prevent and/or reduce marks? What treatments are available today? So many questions answered by Dr. Audrey Drey, dermatologist, in “Making peace with your skin”. She delivers all the advice possible and imaginable for beautiful skin. A work as precious, if not more than a good cosmetic!

Do we erase imperfections to make a new skin?

Make peace with your skin, Ed. Larousse, €16.95

All the magic of masks

Each mask offered this season by Sisley has its own specificity and function. In this new and wide range, we first find the Enzymatic Exfoliating mask, the first step that prepares for the ritual of the following treatments. In just one minute, this “pre-mask” promises clear, smooth and luminous skin, eliminating traces of pollution, dead cells and excess sebum. After which, offering a nice choice, the range is available in an express Gel mask with flowers, extracts of lily and iris, to hydrate and tone tired skin in 3 minutes; a deep purifying mask with tropical resins to balance the epidermis of combination to oily skin (apply once or twice a week for 10 minutes); an express radiance cleansing mask with red clay for an immediate boost of radiance; a velvet night mask with saffron flowers more specifically for dry skin; a cream mask with black rose, to smooth, revitalize and hydrate and a frost mask with linden, particularly suitable for sensitive skin.

Do we erase imperfections to make a new skin?

Sisley, Enzymatic exfoliating mask, 40 g, €102

Made of bio-cellulose fibers

To boost your skin before the start of the school year, Leaders Insolution (on sale at Di) offers bio-cellulose masks whose fibers are 350 times finer than those of conventional masks. Advantage: the mask is fixed in the pores to hydrate them deeply, their fibers attracting and retaining moisture better. Depending on taste, there is a tomato and coconut version to restore the skin’s defenses or an orange and chamomile version to lighten the skin, cleanse it and tighten pores.

Do we erase imperfections to make a new skin?

Leaders, bio-cellulose face mask, €4.95

Night micro-peeling cream

To eliminate dead cells that dull the complexion, but also to reduce wrinkles and fine lines, scars, imperfections and those unwanted brown spots, there’s nothing like a good peel. This is what Filorga laboratories offer with Sleep & peel 4.5, which, in addition, boosts the production of collagen and elastin. As soon as the skin feels the need, this micro-peeling cream to apply every evening as a cure for a month offers a gentle resurfacing effect night after night, refines skin texture, smoothes fine lines and illuminates the complexion.

Do we erase imperfections to make a new skin?

Filorga, Sleep & peel, 40ml, €45.

A three-step routine

The first step in the Esthederm beauty routine, Osmoclean cleansing treatments are part of an eco-biological approach to preserving the skin’s natural resources. A very complete range to meet everyone’s needs and perform the three essential steps: removing makeup and cleansing, with Osmopure micellar water (200 ml, €19.9) and cleansing milks (hydra-replenishing, desensitizing or even high tolerance) ; soothe and tone, with a fresh hydra-replenishing lotion or a desensitizing lotion, for sensitive and/or reactive skin; and finally exfoliate and exfoliate with the range’s iconic duo, in this case the gentle exfoliating cream and the clarifying exfoliating mask.

Do we erase imperfections to make a new skin?

Esthederm, Clarifying gum mask, 75 ml, €32.

Based on anti-acne ingredients

Up to -63% pimples from one week of use, without damaging the skin, such is the promise of the Vinopure range by Caudalie. Specially developed for acne-prone skin, it consists of a purifying cleansing jelly, a lotion, an anti-blemish salicylic serum to target, a moisturizing mattifying fluid and a purifying mask containing natural green clay and zinc. Vinopure products contain ppolyphenolsan exclusive Caudalie ingredient that acts as the best antioxidant compound, as well as 6 bio-essential oils which have an anti-bacterial effect: lavender, lemongrass, peppermint, rosemary, lemon balm and geranium.

Do we erase imperfections to make a new skin?

Caudalie, Vinopure, Anti-imperfection salicylic serum, 30 ml, €31.7

High tolerance treatment

Reconciling high tolerance and efficacy, the Sébium Kerato+ gel-cream is the new ally in the fight against moderate or severe acne, adolescent or adult. Suitable for sensitive skin, this treatment from the Bioderma laboratory seems to have found the magic formula for using ultra-performing but irritating active ingredients without unbalancing the pH of the skin. This makes it a comfortable gel that can be integrated daily into a long-term anti-acne routine. According to studies, after two days of application, the volume of pimples decreased by 19% and marks were reduced by 20%.

Do we erase imperfections to make a new skin?

Bioderma, Sébium Kérato + gel-cream, 30 ml, €19.99.

An ultra-sensory trio

Immediately and lastingly control excess shine and imperfections and reduce them for purely and simply more beautiful skin: these are the missions of the my Clarins perfect skin trio. Specially designed for young skin, it consists of Re-boost blemish mattifying gel, Clear-out mattifying purity lotion and Clear-out blemish-targeted lotion. Three complementary products, ultra-sensory and enriched with plant and fruit extracts, such as extracts of fig to moisturize, meadowsweet to rebalance and purify or even tamarind pulp acids to gently exfoliate and thus refine the grain of skin.

Do we erase imperfections to make a new skin?

Clarins, Clear-out, mattifying purity lotion, 200 ml, €21.

For very dry skin

Based on white poppy seed oil to soothe and crystal ficoid juice for lasting hydration, the face cream from the Dr. Hauschka MED range is the ideal daily care for very dry and scaly skin with atopic tendency. An ideal preventive treatment to reduce feelings of tightness and prevent itching. Fragrance-free, the product is also suitable for infants and can be used as a make-up base. Until now only used by therapists, the products of the Dr. Hauschka MED range are now also available in stores.

Do we erase imperfections to make a new skin?
©Dr Hauschka

Dr. Hauschka MED, crystal ficoid face cream, €29.50

Purity objective

For gentle cleansing of combination to oily skin, Méthode Jeanne Piaubert offers Isopure cleansing gel. To remove all impurities, reduce imperfections by inhibiting the enzyme responsible for sebum production and limit the adhesion of bacteria.

Do we erase imperfections to make a new skin?
©Jeanne Piaubert Method

Method Jeanne Piaubert, Isopure, purity cleansing gel, €26.50

Over here the pad!

Deep cleansing, exfoliation, pore reduction, skin brightening, even skin tone, firm and smooth skin, reduction of inflammation… and protection against UV rays and free radicals: all in one pad!.

Do we erase imperfections to make a new skin?
©Dr Nassif

Dr Nassif, Detox face pads, 30 pieces, on sale at April, €28.70

With bamboo

To reduce imperfections and durably rebalance combination to oily skin, Annayake presents its new energizing perfecting care with bamboo, which promises a more matte and even complexion.

Do we erase imperfections to make a new skin?

Annayake, Bamboo energizing perfecting treatment, €55.50

detox operation

Want to free your skin of toxins? The Detox sheet mask from April is an option. In contact with air, its serum concentrated in detoxifying charcoal transforms into a fine oxygenating foam for a radiant complexion and skin that breathes again.

Do we erase imperfections to make a new skin?

April, Detox mask, €6.90

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