In the spotlight: new war crimes in Ukraine, after the discovery of a large mass grave in Izium

In the spotlight: new war crimes in Ukraine, after the discovery of a large mass grave in Izium

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The information that fell last night, of course, made the headlines of the online press on September 16, which reported ” of a vast mass grave, more than 450 bodies discovered in the strategic town of Izioum reconquered from the Russians last week », Reports El País. According to President Zelensky, this mass grave could even be “ even more important than that of Boutcha “, say it Guardian, reminding ” the hundreds of bodies found in Boutcha, near the capital kyiv last February “. Boutcha, a martyr city which, like Mariupol, notes the British daily, ” have become synonymous with Russian war crimes “.

A journalist from the American agency AP “ confirm having seen the site yesterday [le 15 septembre 2022, ndlr] in a forest outside Izioum, with hundreds of tombs “, reports the Guardian. ” Most of these would be the bodies of the victims of bombings and airstrikes carried out by Russia since its invasion “, underlines for his part the Times who was able to reach one of the officials of the town of Izioum. “ Forensic investigations will now be carried out on each body found “, assures the police chief of the Kharkiv region.

A macabre new discovery that intervenes, notes the Washington Post, the day after another visit to kyiv by the patron saint of Europe, Ursula von der Leyen, who asked that ” Putin stands trial for war crimes “. The Russian president has always denied ” having targeted civilians, or committed war crimes “, underlines for his part the Guardian.

Worried about the Ukrainian crisis, China measures its support for Moscow

If the two Russian and Chinese heads of state displayed yesterday during their meeting in Samarkand “ their perfect solidarity with Westerners “, for the first time, ” they also struck divisive notes in their public remarks, and Xi Jinping did not mention Ukraine at all “, emphasizes the New York Times. The American daily considers that China’s support for the Russian war in Ukraine thus seems to be fading “. ” Between China and Russia, it is a friendship without borders but with limits “, also comments the Suddeutsche Zeitung who reports how Putin himself raised Xi Jinping’s questions and concerns about the Ukraine crisis “.

As Moscow’s war effort bogs down, Beijing has no plans to increase support for Russia “, argues the wall street journal who notes that, if China remains an important commercial partner of Russia with in particular its purchases of oil, Beijing still has no intention of getting in the way of Western sanctions “. “ Beijing is taking great care to keep a distance “, explains similarly Die Welt ” in refusing to deliver weapons to Moscow while taking advantage of Moscow’s good prices on oil and gas. […] An alliance of circumstances that will only last as long as interests converge “, Still believes the German daily.

Putin and Xi Jinping will not attend Elizabeth II’s funeral

While the guest list is long, at least 500 heads of state and government from President Biden to the Emperor of Japan are expected Monday, September 19 in London, says the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitungfor what will be ” one of the largest diplomatic gatherings in the world “. But without Putin who was not invited persona non grata, note the Times, while the Chinese president, he received his invitation card but ” should be replaced by a high-level delegation in London “. What in any case to enrage the Kremlin which denounced yesterday ” blasphemous and immoral attitude of the United Kingdom against him, reports the Guardian who also notes ” that Belarus, Burma, Afghanistan, Syria and Venezuela have not received an invitation “.

Roger Federer, world tennis star, retires at 41

And it is a rain of praise in the world press which pays homage ” to the champion of champions », greets La Republica. An exceptional player “, for the New York Times.20 times Grand Slam champion “, emphasizes the Guardian who, like the Times, looks forward to seeing him play one last time next week in London” with this impression that it gives to float above the surface of the course “, enthuses the British daily. A ” elegant champ “in his life also, Federer put part of his fortune” in his foundation for the education of poor childrenreports The evening, a humanitarian action that he will continue in particular in Africa in tribute to the South African origins of his mother “.


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