Montpellier: 30 months in prison for having entered his victim’s home in the middle of the night and stabbed his spouse

Montpellier: 30 months in prison for having entered his victim's home in the middle of the night and stabbed his spouse

The defendant, in this case a 24-year-old Moroccan in an irregular situation, was sentenced to thirty months in prison with continued detention.

“You want to make love with me ?” It is by this trivial and inappropriate proposal that a young Moroccan aged 24, in an irregular situation on the national territory, approached a Montpellier grocer who was returning home, this Wednesday, September 7 around 11 p.m., Celleneuve district.

Pushing the individual who seemed to be under the influence of an alcoholic state, this forties accelerated the pace when she realized that he was following her.

A silhouette behind the door

Arrived at home, without keys, she could not close the door left open by her spouse who had just preceded her. But as she was putting down her things, she saw a silhouette behind the glass door of the kitchen before recognizing the young individual, crouching in the shadows, next to the garage.

After shouting at him, the person suddenly disappeared in the dark. But the time to alert his companion, who was about to take a shower, and that the latter finds said keys and comes to close the front door, the respondent had surreptitiously entered the dwelling.

Two kitchen knives

And there, everything happened very quickly. After having equipped himself with two kitchen knives, the fanatic ordered the owner of the premises to give him money. Faced with his refusal, he struck him twice with a blade at the level of both thighs (which earned him four days of ITT) before heading towards the couple’s bedroom where the owner had taken refuge, completely terrified.

Fortunately, although injured, his companion intervened and took advantage of the young man staggering and being disoriented to push him outside.

Seriously injured in the arm

The scene could have ended there except that the young intruder, who apparently had ideas, tried to break a window to force his way back into the house.

An initiative that ultimately proved unsuccessful since in his attempt, he seriously injured his arm before being arrested by the national police called to the rescue by the victim.

What would have happened if her spouse had not been there?

“What would have happened if his spouse had not been there? The defendant would undoubtedly have sexually assaulted my client who, today, is totally traumatized and no longer sleeps at night”, protested Master Sarah Babahacene , for the civil party.

Questioned by the magistrates on the course of the facts, the young man neither invalidated nor confirmed the depositions of the victims. “I don’t remember what happened. I was supposed to be in a roommate that night and I ended up outside. And when I sleep on the streets, I drink alcohol so I can fall asleep and don’t be cold.”

When I do that, it’s not me. It’s another person in me!

“There, I had drunk a pack of twenty-four beers. But other than that, I don’t remember anything. When I do that, it’s not me. It’s another person in me! makes flashes and then black holes,” he explained.

And his advice to drive the point home: “My client is sick. He was beaten when he was little, has not seen his family for two years, sleeps in the street, has scarifications all over his body. He needs helps more than a prison sentence.”

Banned from national territory for ten years

Taking into account the psychiatric expert’s report mentioning disorders that could alter his discernment, President Jean-Philippe Lejeune and his assessors finally sentenced the defendant to thirty months in prison with continued detention and a ban on appearing on the French soil for a period of ten years.

Author of five stab wounds in 2019

The scarifications present all over the body of the respondent allowed the investigators of the Departmental Security to go back to a case dating from July 2019.

On the night of July 6 to 7 this year, in fact, at the Celleneuve tram stop, again heavily alcoholic, he attacked a young man, apparently following a a bad look, to which he had given no less than five stab wounds to the chest.

Then he had threatened with his weapon another young adult who was waiting for the tram and whom he still didn’t know there either from Eve or from Adam, telling him that he was going to kill him. Without even hitting him, he then fled.

In hearing, the victims will describe to the police a young alcoholic man, as inhabited, presenting scarifications on all the top of the body. Asked about these facts, he again explained to the magistrates that he did not remember anything.

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