Test: a perfect face and hair treatment for back to school

Test: a perfect face and hair treatment for back to school

The S treatmentkin & Hair Repair Treatment proposed by the Aspria La Rasante institute is the ideal face and hair treatment to do after returning from vacation, to start the new school year with a fresh complexion and a soft, shiny mane.

Many of us know this scenario. After a few days spent in the sun, the skin smeared with anti-UV cream during the day and make-up at night, it is the dreaded arrival of what is called “the rebound effect“. A common phenomenon when returning from vacation that causes an outbreak of whiteheads once exposure to the sun is over. Not to mention mermaid hair that gets dry and dull from pool chlorine and sea salt.

A complete treatment for skin and hair

Skin & Hair Repair Treatment is a new complete care ritual made for repair and regenerate deep into the skin and hair after summer aggressions.

The treatment begins with a relaxing scalp massage during which a moisturizing mask based on red clay, rich in minerals and natural ingredients, is applied to the lengths which regain softness and shine, but also directly to the roots and the scalp because we now know that beautiful hair always goes through a healthy scalp. This product is suitable for all hair types.

The ritual then continues with the different stages of the facial treatment. After a make-up removal and conventional cleaning, a deep cleaning of the skin is achieved by means of thehydro-microdermabrasion. A gentle technique that serves as a preparatory base for peeling by ridding the epidermis of its impurities, which promotes better penetration of care. Thanks to a suction system, blackheads and dead skin are eliminated. Immediately, the skin is smoother.

Comes next peeling step which consists of a chemical exfoliation aimed at “peeling” the different layers of the skin more or less superficially. This treatment boosts radiance and provides a lifting effect without irritating the skin. It also has a reducing effect on fine lines and pigment spots. As soon as the treatment is taken out, the complexion is visibly fresher and more luminous.

The peeling step in the facial treatment brightens the complexion.
The step of peeling applied with a brush. ©Aspria Press

Finally, a bio-cellulose mask is deposited on the face. It’s loaded with hyaluronic acid, peptides, probiotics, resveratrol and soothing aloe vera juice. The mask is put on under led lights whose light energy makes it possible to reactivate all the major cellular functions, including the stimulation of the natural production of collagen and elastin.

The facial treatment continues with the step of the bio-cellulose mask.
The stage of the bio-cellulose mask, the installation of which takes place under LED lights. ©Aspria Press.

The ritual ends with theapplication of moisturizer with an SPF 30. It is also strongly advised to continue to protect yourself from the sun during the week following the treatment because of the peeling.

The results

As soon as you leave the treatment, the skin is soft and comfortable, the complexion is luminous and even, imperfections are visibly reduced. A great shot of post-holiday freshness to attack the fall with a radiant face. The benefits of the ritual can be extended at home with the appropriate products. The hair mask should ideally be left on for 24 hours.

Practical information

This exclusive 50-minute treatment is offered for €120 at the Aspria La Rasante institute. Hair care is an ESPA brand product, face care is Celestetic products. Pregnant women cannot perform this ritual, as can people suffering from open wounds on the face or undergoing chemotherapy treatment.


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