The Phot’Aubrac festival celebrates its 20th anniversary in style

The Phot'Aubrac festival celebrates its 20th anniversary in style

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For its twentieth anniversary, the tenth of the new team, the Aubrac plateau photo festival offers around sixty exhibitions and numerous events, from today until September 25th. Between sky and earth, the head, sometimes, in the stars.

Twenty years. Certainly the beautiful age. From this day until Sunday, September 25, the Phot’Aubrac festival will celebrate its twentieth anniversary. Between heaven and earth, the theme of this 2022 edition, which will also mark the tenth anniversary of the festival in its new configuration, driven by the team of Jean-Pierre Monteil. Twenty years during which the festival has grown and grown, attracting thousands of people each year to this wonderful natural setting of Aubrac, this little Mongolia. Visitors, including many regulars, coming from all over France, and even from abroad. For this anniversary edition, around sixty exhibitions will be offered (free of charge) to the public, between Lozère, Aveyron and Cantal. From Nasbinals to Laguiole, via Aubrac, Marchastel or Saint-Urcize. In sometimes unusual places, stables and other burons, where one does not necessarily expect to discover photographs. And that’s what makes all the charm and originality of this festival not quite like the others. As Mark Twain, the father of Tom Sawyer, said: “They didn’t know it was impossible, so they did it…” Well done, we might add!

User-friendliness and simplicity

Beyond the quality and diversity of its programming (there is truly something for everyone in photography), the Phot’Aubrac festival is also and above all an immense dose of conviviality, in all simplicity. And meetings. Many meetings and sharing, which inevitably end around a good table. “Humanly, a lot is happening, the photographers feel happy, it’s a treat”, savors Nathalie Jurot, dynamic and dedicated volunteer of the organizing association, responsible among other things for communication. Like Nathalie, 60 to 70 volunteers ensure the smooth running of the festival. “There are also more and more locals joining the festival and welcoming photographers.” Because it does not wish to forget anyone, Phot’Aubrac will receive several hundred schoolchildren and college students, and photographers will visit the residents of the Nasbinals retirement home.

The program on

Works to be won

One again ! Like so many others, Greek photographer Kyriakos Kaziras also fell in love with Aubrac and its festival. Last year, he enchanted the public at Phot’Aubrac with his photos of elephants. This year, he returns with photos of polar bears. A feast for the eyes, as each of his photographs is composed like a painting. Between balance and aesthetics. Great art. On the occasion of the festival, a raffle will make it possible to win three works by Kyriakos Kaziras, with a total value of €14,000.

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