Oscars: 4 facialists reveal their secrets to illuminating the skin of celebrities before the red carpet

Oscars: 4 facialists reveal their secrets to illuminating the skin of celebrities before the red carpet

If we know by heart the crackling flashes, the glamorous outfits and the cheering fans, great classics of the red carpet, the beauty secrets of Oscars on the other hand leave us speechless every year: the stars all display more radiant complexions than the others during the most prestigious Hollywood evening of the year. But know that for each of them, many steps precede this great glamorous moment – ​​whether it’s for the Oscars or any other high-profile event.

Their faces are going to be highlighted, so celebrities have to go to some trouble for that healthy, glowing result. “To obtain a natural and delicate glow, it is essential to prepare the skin before applying makeup”, explains Shani Dardenbeautician and creator of the brand skin care eponym. “I would even say that keeping her healthy in the weeks leading up to it is key.” Based on this information, vogue went to meet celebrity facialists who know perfectly how to prepare the skin of the stars for the red carpets, the Oscars and other special occasions.

Joanna Vargas

“Looking perfect before the event requires a big palette in terms of makeup, explains Joanna Vargas, celebrity facialist. Exfoliation and hydration is the key to glowing skin that won’t require excessive makeup.” Whether Joanna Vargas sees her clients on the day of a big event, she will not perform rigorous extractions or heavy peelings in order to avoid irritating the skin. She also advises them to avoid any prior treatment, such as laser or microneedling, and not to drink alcohol the previous week. “It makes you puffy, it’s bad for collagen, and it dehydrates the skin a lot. That’s really not a good idea.”

Joanna Vargas also created her salon and launched her skincare line. From her patented LED-based treatment to lymphatic drainage massages, she does absolutely everything to help “sculpt, soothe and give skin a glow”. For D-Day, the program she prescribes looks roughly like this: cleansing, exfoliation, application of a sheet mask, then a massage tool to “deflate”, and an LED treatment device , before the application of a serum and a facial massage. Her “Beauty Secrets for the Oscars” Ritual Begins with a Cleanser Made withsalicylic acid, followed by a physical and chemical exfoliating mask that leaves skin feeling smooth, a formula she says is suitable even for sensitive skin. After an LED treatment, its soothing mask Twilight Face Mask adds a dose of hydration, followed by a massage with the Magic Glow Wand brand to deflate and reduce redness. Finally, an oil-based serum locks in moisture for smooth, supple skin.

Joanna Vargas – Vitamin C Face Wash

33 €

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Quasar MD – Baby Quasar Baby Quasar BLUE (1 piece)


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Joanna Vargas – GLOW-TO-GO MASK SET

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Joanna Vargas – Magic Glow Wand (1 set)


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Joanna Vargas – RESCUE SERUM

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Shani Darden

The star facialist Shani Dardenwhich counts among its customers Shay Mitchell Where Jessica Alba, explains that it’s normal to see your customers more often around events and awards shows. Unsurprisingly, the focus is on specialty treatments that tone, firm, and lift. A visit to her home in her Beverly Hills studio, for example, can include her signature facial treatment: “a light chemical peel, vibration therapy, microcurrents, a oxygen therapyextractions if necessary and therapy with led light”, she explains. The experience is always designed to improve the condition of the skin without irritating it. “The key thing to remember is that it’s best not to disrupt your skincare routine in the weeks leading up to a big event.” She therefore advises not to try new products or treatments that are too heavy as the date approaches.

To get a glow worthy of a red carpet on the fateful date, Shani Darden uses her cleansing serum to calm and “restore moisture to the skin,” followed by a chemical exfoliant. According to her, the Alpha Beta Peel Pads of Dr Dennis Gross can effectively replace your professional lactic acid peel. But her favorite thing is the face sculpting wand, which helps shape and outline the contours of the face. Finally, a moisturizing and plumping serum and a light moisturizing cream complete the equation to obtain a beautiful fresh and dapper effect.

Shani Darden – Skin Care Facial Sculpting Wand


Shani Darden via Sephora.com

Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare – Alpha Beta® Universal Daily Peel


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Shani Darden Skin Care – Weightless Oil-Free Moisturizer


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Shani Darden Skin Care – Cleansing Serum


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DR. NIGMA TALIB – No1 Hydrating and Plumping Serum, 30ml


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Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare – DRx SpectraLite™ FaceWare Pro


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Tammy Fender

Tammy Fendera well-being specialist who also has her own skincare line, advocates a holistic approach to skin care. “Having beautiful skin requires a balanced lifestyle: you have to treat it with natural formulas, eat well, move during the day and sleep well,” she explains. Following this philosophy, she believes that skin preparation should ideally start six weeks before the event “to support the body’s perfect rhythm” before replenishing the skin through spa treatments and oxygenating peels.

If the ideal is to rest and have a stress-free schedule, Tammy Fender also advocates hydrating and nourishing the skin with formulas designed for sensitive skin. “The naturally soothing ingredients can help relieve any tension on a very demanding day,” she says. She advises her clients to avoid glycolic acids, retinol and excessive exfoliation. “No need to take risks before a day where you will often be photographed.”

A fresh complexion

The ideal routine Tammy Fender is done in three parts: cleanser, a lightweight herbal toner, then a nutrient-rich serum or balm. The cleansing milk in her collection doesn’t strip the skin, while her Bulgarian rose water revives natural radiance. Then the vegetable milk serum, “a soothing and nourishing mixture of white lily, mountain arnica and milk thistle”, will provide a fresh complexion under make-up.

Tammy Fender – Cleansing Milk


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Tammy Fender – Bulgarian Rose Water

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Tammy Fender – Plant Milk Serum

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Tammy Fender – Restorative Radiance Mask

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Toska Husted

For Toska Husted, celebrity facialist, before a big day, the main objectives must be to soothe, illuminate and sculpt, while preventing irritation and small imperfections. “The treatment before this kind of event focuses on gentle exfoliation, to achieve a healthy glow, and on sculpting, toning and lifting, unlike a regular treatment which will target more specific problems, such as acne. , I’hyperpigmentation or others.” Overall, she tailors treatments to each client’s skin condition in order “to accentuate her best features, rather than conceal her imperfections.” Thus, the preparations must combine cleaning, hydration, sheet mask, contouring tools, devices to deflate the face and finally LED masks. She also recommends staying away from any invasive or intensive treatment close to the date of the event.

Toska Hustedabout Kim Kardashian and Alexandra Daddariochoose the Lotion MC110 N°1 from home Biological Research to plump up the face, or the Elastin Serum of the brand to smooth texture and fine lines. To brighten skin tone, Fender recommends the Exfoliating Mask by author and the PIGM 400 sheet mask from Biologique Recherche. In addition, their Anti-Fatigue Patches should reduce dark circles under the eye, while Valmont’s cream mask relaxes fine lines and blurs imperfections.

Biologique Recherche – Lotion MC110 N°1


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Author – Definitive Optimizing Mask Intelligently Targeted

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Valmont – Prime Renewing Pack Radiance And Fatigue-Eraser Mask

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Biologique Recherche – Anti-Fatigue Patches


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Translation by Hervé Loncan.

Article originally published on Vogue US.


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