The final touch, in beauty

La dernière touche, en beauté

Surrounded by many elected officials of the territory

the mayor of Javerdat, Annie Dardilhac, inaugurated on Saturday September 10 at 10:30 a.m. old annexes of the town hall, now dedicated to sanitary use, and which thus closes the last phase of development of the town center.

In her speech, Annie Dardilhac recalled that “the municipal team was part of the continuity of the previous term of office in terms of enhancing and maintaining the built and unbuilt heritage”. There is also a reassignment of premises intended for the collection and conservation of school catering waste and the deposit of small equipment for the use of the members of the municipal youth council.

Programmed embellishment

This last phase of development in the town center follows the major works carried out in 2017 and 2018 inaugurated in October 2018 for a value of €492,370 excluding tax (€593,630 including tax) 80% subsidized by the departmental council. This project has thus made it possible to finalize the objectives in connection with the beautification of the town: “It should be noted that, in accordance with our program, we have also restored 2 village wells (at Courtieux and at La Valette) and the restoration work on the bridge between La Valette and Rouffignac which is being carried out with the SABV, for the restoration of the bed of the stream and the development of the watering areas in respect of its banks”, added the mayor. .

Among the personalities present, Pierre Allard, mayor of Saint-Junien, Sylvie Tuyéras, vice-president of the departmental council, Jean-Pierre Granet, mayor of Chaillac-sur-Vienne and Laëtitia Calendreau, mayor of Saint-Brice-sur-Vienne . booth Pride. At 11 a.m., the kiosk desired by the elected members of the municipal youth council was inaugurated. Ms. Dardilhac said she was “proud of this initiative by the municipal team, which has put on the program the project to create the municipal youth council, effective since October 2020, under the coordination of the 3


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