What’s new ?

What's new ?

Bye-bye rinsing

Two minutes on average for a conditioner, at least four for a mask, and much more for an oil bath… New formulas without rinsing, including for shampoo and scalp care, are making our lives easier, with remarkable efficiency. A great way to save time in the morning.

The hydration reflex

Nutrition isn’t everything. Like the skin, the hair also needs to be hydrated, otherwise it becomes rough and brittle. Dry, malnourished hair is often the result of dehydration which has made it porous by opening its scales. Not only does it dull, but it gets electric and frizz occurs due to styling breakage, as well as split ends. To remedy this, new formulas based on aloe vera or hyaluronic acid have emerged. Enough to get to the root of the problem!

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The LOC method

Coming from the United States, this protocol consists of treating curly, frizzy and frizzy hair, which is particularly “greedy”, in three stages. LOC stands for liquid, oil, cream. On the day of the shampoo or between two washes, the hair is moistened under water, then a thin layer of olive, coconut or avocado oil, rich in fatty acids, is applied and a cream is superimposed. moisturizer based on mango or shea butter to form an occlusive film on the surface. A bit tedious, but worth it! Because this naturally dry hair, which lacks suppleness and elasticity, is much more fragile than the others. Once they are well hydrated, the easiest way is to braid them and leave the active ingredients to act for at least one night. Then, they are washed with one of the many new shampoos or washing creams intended for curly heads.

The simplicity of solid

Practical and eco-friendly, this waterless cleanser, requiring little or no packaging, is exploding today, and not a week goes by without a new product being launched! “With its compact and minimalist formula, the solid shampoo saves a lot of water, but also waste,” says Grégory Daures, Klorane hair product manager. In addition to a real desire to reduce their environmental impact, consumers also find it useful. This format is now available in more sensory and targeted formulas, from volumizing shampoo to nourishing mask.

The ultimate in drying

A professional result at home is the promise of the new heating devices. Equipped with high-tech technologies, they ensure rapid and lasting shaping of the hair, without rising significantly in temperature, therefore without risk of damaging the fiber. Better still, these new generation styling tools offer different tips to safely give in to all hair whims.

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