Center-Bretagne: a well-being caravan for patients in the chemo department of the hospital center

Center-Bretagne: a well-being caravan for patients in the chemo department of the hospital center

Volunteers from the association “Everyone against cancer”, in front of the L’Échappée Rose caravan in the parking lot of the Center Bretagne hospital center in Noyal-Pontivy, this Monday, September 19, 2022. Left: Céline Pigny, project manager at the association; and in the center, in blue, Pascal Bouvier, medical representative from Avène Oncologie. ©Pontivy Journal

It’s a caravan which does not go unnoticed in the car park of the Center Bretagne hospital center in Noyal-Pontivy (Morbihan): long and rounded, gray (the sun bounced off it and made it shine), a Airstream.

At a glance, the cancer patients, their companions and the CHCB chemotherapy department staff are elsewhere. And when they come in, everything is laid out for them provide wellness care thanks to theassociation “Everyone Against Cancer”.

A first at the CHCB in Noyal, and a desire to be even closer

“We have 28 treatments planned for Monday, September 19, 2022: 7 for the sick, 7 for their companions and 14 for the staff. It’s been a resounding success,” says Celine Pignyproject manager of The Pink Escape, the tour of France of the caravan of “Everyone against cancer”. For two months, September and October 2022, L’Échappée Rose will visit 23 places (hospitals, anti-cancer centers), as close as possible to patients and their personal entourage or care.

This is a first at the Center Bretagne hospital in Noyal-Pontivy.

We are asking hospitals that want to participate in this action. We take into account the presence or absence of a socio-esthetician, we go where there is none to provide more and where there is a radiotherapy service. We want the caravan to be as accessible as possible. Previously, we mainly worked in large cities like Nantes or Rennes, where there are major cancer centers. But we want to be present everywhere in Brittany, tomorrow, for example, we will be in Quimper.

Céline Pigny, project manager at the association Everyone against cancer

For patients, their companions and caregivers

Before the caravan and its wellness area, there is the tea room, where volunteers meet; an improvised tea room which also serves as a waiting room before relaxing…

“We have 7 socio-estheticians who take turns for two months, specifies Céline Pigny, and to continue: Today, there are three of them here: one receives in the caravan, another goes directly to the rooms, the third takes care of caregivers. »

The CHCB chemotherapy department was notified in advance of their arrival.

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Our socio-beauticians adapt to people’s expectations: if one wants soft music from a distant country, another wants Queen! It’s happened to us before. According to each of the people, the treatments can concern some parts of the body (hands, scalp, face), according to the desires or the pathologies. Moreover, before starting, we do a briefing with the nurses who take care of the patients.

Céline Pigny, project manager at the association Everyone against cancer

“We bring back a bit of everyday life, we transform the setting”

The effects are immediate on people: “There is a before and an after. It goes beyond care, ”says Pascal Bouviermedical visitor ofAvene Oncology. The famous body care brand is the historic partner of L’Échappée Rose (7e editing) ; it has developed products derived from biotechnology to soothe the skin effects specific to chemo or radiotherapy.

Pascal Bouvier continues: “Some patients confide, cry to socio-estheticians, it’s the emotional charge. This is a real bubble where letting go reigns, in addition to well-being, all thanks to the warmth of the socio-beauticians. »

Positive effects also for companionsas Céline Pigny explains:

Mothers of sick children who allow themselves to come see us because it’s downstairs from the hospital. They go out, they have a smile, are made up and arrive in front of their child, who is also delighted to see his mother like that. We leave the medical field, we bring back a bit of daily life, of sweetness. We transform the setting with this caravan, but also with our food-truck.

Céline Pigny, project manager at the association Everyone against cancer

The nursing staff are not forgotten: those of the CHCB chemo department were also entitled to it this Monday, September 19, 2022. “It’s for thank them and make them aware to this support care, to this well-being care. It’s optional, of course, but they are very important…” stresses Pascal Bouvier.

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