Biologist Mood: pharmaceutical expertise to repair your hair before winter arrives

Biologist Mood: pharmaceutical expertise to repair your hair before winter arrives

Why do a hair care cure before winter?

During the summer and then in the fall, the hair is put to the test. First of all in summer, the salt, the sun or the chlorine damage the hair as well as the scalp which are rarely protected. However, you should protect your hair from these external aggressions as you do with your skin! In autumn, the hair falls out, it’s seasonal alopecia which is completely normal and lasts about 4 to 6 weeks. Although it is not necessary to worry about it, it is recommended to adopt good gestures to limit it such as for example scalp massage using our stimulating brush. This simple and quick gesture promotes blood circulation and stimulates hair growth. You must also continue, or even reinforce, your hair routine by starting a care cure to prepare the hair to the cold and dry air which weaken them. And of course, we fix her hair with a nourishing and restorative treatment like Curae Oil.

What is the right routine to adopt?

First of all, don’t forget take care of your rootswe often think of process the lengths, which is good, but we forget the base! When we water the plants, are we only watering the leaves? It’s the same thing ! The scalp is a very largely vascularized area, it is the protective insulator where it all begins. Here are some simple and effective actions to adopt:

  1. Choose products suitable for her hair type ;
  2. Do a gentle exfoliation of the scalp Once a month to remove accumulated impurities;
  3. Stimulate hair growth with our Accelerator Oil which allows you to find a beautiful hair mass in just 3 months or with the Accelerator Roll-on Boost+ which is very easy to apply to treat thinning areas ;
  4. Massage his scalp 1 to 2 times a week with or without a brush to oxygenate it;
  5. Apply our Curae Oil to deeply nourish weakened hair during summer.

What is the strength of your products?

They care for the hair in a natural way! Our products are neither harmful to health nor to the environment. When I created my brand, more than two years ago, it was essential for me that it be like this. We do research and development for months, even years with experts to formulate healthy products that respect your hair and especially your scalp. Our ingredients are 100% natural, organic, vegan, without endocrine disruptors or controversial ingredients in cosmetics.

Our products are suitable for all hair types. Some promote hair growth such as Accelerator Oil or Accelerator Roll-on Boost+ which is composed of 7 organic vegetable oils as well as 2 essential oils (Ylang Ylang, Tea Tree). These two products can be used in a complementary way and the first results are seen from the first month of use. We have also developed Curae Oil, our care oil which intensely repairs and nourishes, as well as a jelly, the Hydra + Jelly, which is essential for all hair routines!

Where are they found?

Our products are available in pharmacies in mainland France, Belgium and soon in the overseas departments and territories. Biologist Mood is the first 100% vegan and organic brand dedicated to hair growth found in pharmacies. It was important to me that the users of our products could receive advice from knowledgeable (health) professionals, which is why our treatments can only be found in pharmacies and on our site where we answer all questions. of our customers. Find our entire natural and organic range directly on our website

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