Natural beauty products, the favorites of the stars!

Do you know the beauty secrets of stars: a pretty complexion, dark circles and invisible imperfections and dreamy hair…? We are going to reveal to you all the beauty secrets, and the brands of natural cosmetics used by the stars.

Joyce Jonathan, Ophélie Winter and all the dancing candidates with the stars

You all know the show Dancing with the stars! A dance competition involving celebrities and professional dancers. The make-up staff chose an organic make-up brand, Couleur Caramel, to highlight the candidates’ faces.

Couleur caramel is a natural and organic make-up brand. It is a committed brand that respects the environment, customers, animals and above all with a clean composition. The products are 95% certified Cosmos Bio by Ecocert.

Celebrities who use organic and natural cosmetics

Marion Cotillard

Marion Cotillard has already spoken many times about her will and her commitment to the protection of the environment. During interviews, she does not hesitate to put this subject forward. Her favorite brand “Pomarium” is a small French brand that extracts the benefits of orchard fruits to make exceptional treatments.

Clémence Poésy

Clémence Poésy is also a celebrity who is one of the Frenchies to praise the merits of organic beauty. She repeatedly cites the “Doux Me” brand, which is a daily ally for her. This English brand was launched in 2002, Ecocert certified, and makes commitments for greener beauty. Clémence also does not hesitate to use the Weleda brand to moisturize her lips, David Mallet shampoos to optimize the volume of her hair.

Julianne Moore

US actress Julianne Moore loves Burt’s Bees skincare, she even teamed up with the brand for the “Natural Seal” project. This aims to clarify the labels in order to more easily determine if the product is natural or not.

As you will have understood, if you want to keep your skin young when you are over 60, choose natural skincare products without endocrine disruptors.

Claire Keim

Actress Claire Keim is very committed to natural beauty. She does not hesitate to highlight organic brands like Weleda and Cattier. Claire’s must-haves are Sanoflore’s moisturizing creams (for optimal hydration), Cattier clay masks (to nourish and purify the skin), Aleppo bread (to cleanse the skin) and finally the healing stone. alum for the deodorant.

Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston is known for her rather healthy lifestyle and is also one of the stars who consume organic food. As far as care is concerned, she would be a fan of Pure & True organic beauty care and Neutrogena solid soaps.

Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz is a fan of the Juice Beauty Organic brand like many other US celebrities. She is a woman who loves outdoor sports, especially surfing, which means that she is often exposed to the cold, the sun, salt water, etc. To have beautiful skin, she is therefore obliged to have products that intensely protect and hydrate it. Besides, Cameron celebrates his 50th birthday this year! The proof that his bio retinol cream is super effective.

Julia Roberts

Julia Roberts is a fervent protector of the environment, she consumes organic food from her vegetable garden to her beauty ritual. Addicted to organic and eco-friendly products, Julia uses the solid shampoo from the Lush brand “Le Brillantissime” for her hair. This white pebble with golden glitter, based on essential oils of elemi and ylang-ylang, makes this hair shine and limits the appearance of oily hair.

And you… are you ready to switch to natural cosmetics to find silky hair and a radiant complexion 😉

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