PHOTOS – Face care: the 30 new face creams to test this spring 2022

PHOTOS – Face care: the 30 new face creams to test this spring 2022

Winter and its inclement weather weaken our whole body. If we have the reflex to take vitamins and to stuff ourselves with food supplements in order to offer a better resistance to our body, our skin also needs a boost, especially with the arrival of spring.

Hydration, targeted care, protective care… What can we offer him to better resist the winter depression and approach the arrival of the beautiful days serenely? For protected, nourished, hydrated, sublimated skin, follow our cosmetic prescription, in five beauty gestures, to incorporate into your routine between vitamin C cures, very moisturizing day care and ultra-efficient night care.

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1. Treatments with vitamin C and B

To avoid slack, often our first instinct is to attack a vitamin cure. Against skin fatigue, it’s the same thing. By providing a vitamin supplement to the skin, we offer it something to be more resistant. At the top of the list of our “nutritional” recommendations: the famous vitamins C and B. Needless to present the first, whose multi-benefits are very popular: luminous, unified complexion and prevention of aging. Sensitive skin will still avoid, at least on a daily basis, very concentrated formulas, or mix them with a moisturizer. Unless you prefer vitamin C from superfruits: persimmon, kadali plum… Another multidisciplinary vitamin, B3 – also known as active niacinamide –, which acts on many age markers such as even skin tone, cell regeneration and fine lines.

What do I buy? Vitamin C Anti-Dark Spot SerumGarnier, €11.90***; Liftactiv Supreme Vitamin C SerumGingham, €37**; Radiance Booster Stabilized Vitamin C 20%Pai Skincare, €19 (; Nutri Light ReviveClarins, €118*; Glow & Protect Serum, Ren Skincare, €59 (; Shot C-15, Organic Vitamin C Serum 15%, Physiodermie, €69; Refining Lifting Cure, Dr. Pierre Ricaud, €65 (; Flavo C-Forte Isdin, €24.30 for a 10-day treatment**

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2. A very moisturizing face cream with hyaluronic acid

Water is vital for the skin as much as for the body: it facilitates cellular exchanges of all kinds “, insists Dr. Thioly-Bensoussan, dermatologist. The more skin hydration increases, the better the cells function, the better they regenerate. Hyaluronic acid is therefore ideal to meet hydration needs. It is its proper role. This natural molecule acts like a sponge and can retain up to a thousand times its weight in water, as explained by Dr. Sandrine Bellaiche, doctor expert in aesthetic medicine. ” It is a super moisturizer, which also fills and plumps the skin “, continues Dr. Martine Baspeyras, dermatologist.

Alas, the amount of hyaluronic acid decreases over time. From the age of 20…. What is less known is that the molecule has an ultra-limited lifespan: ” No more than half a day! This is why it must be constantly remanufactured by the skin “, explains Dr. Martine Baspeyras. Good news, we can get help. Ideally with an external supply of hyaluronic acid, of different sizes to act in two stages and at two levels: avoid surface dehydration by forming a protective film, and/or penetrate deeply. Formulas to offer to all skin types regardless of their sensitivity, hyaluronic acid is an extremely well tolerated molecule.

What do I buy? Essential EnergyShiseido, €60*; Hydrate + Plump Serum CapsulesROC, €39.99 (for 30**); Hyaluronic ConcentrateIsdin, €43.50**; Hyaluron Filler Serum ConcentrateEucerin, €37.95 (6 vials**); Moisturizing Anti-Thirst MaskAbsolution, €34 (at Sephora); Aciana Botanica Long-Lasting Hydration CreamSanoflore, €17 (in May); Super Hydrating DaySephora, €14.99.

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3. Face care to maximize complexion glow

Nothing like skincare oils to almost instantly improve the glow of the skin as Jennifer Lopez. The rich texture, generally prized by mature skin and/or the sensitive skins, also has the advantage – not insignificant in winter – of being ultra-comfortable. It would be a shame to deprive yourself of it, especially since today, at the same time with vegetable oils mono-ingredient (carrot, avocado, jojoba…) there are many “sophisticated” versions that respond to several issues.

We thus find retinol, for example, associated with soothing marula oil for a gentle use of the famous anti-aging active ingredient. But also adaptogenic plants to de-stress the skin, or antioxidants (immortelle, Japanese apple, etc.) to boost your defense system. Oils to apply, according to your preferences, in night or day care: delicately massaged on the face, or mixed with a cream (a few drops are enough) they do not leave a greasy finish.

What do I buy? A Gloei Retinol OilDrunk Elephant, €72 (at Sephora); Immortelle Divine Divine Youth OilL’Occitane, €87; Adaptogenic Herbal Night OilPeace and Skin, €50; Sensifine Night OilSVR, €19.90**; Regenerating Care OilAkane, €30 (

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4. An effective night cream when the skin regenerates

While we sleep, our skin devotes all its time to replenishing itself since she no longer has to fight against the external aggressions of the day. Act in synergy and synchronize with its natural rhythm, it’s called cutaneous chronobiology. So what happens at night? The process of cell division is at its maximum, and blood circulation is accelerating, which promotes the reception of active ingredients. ” Advanced Research from the L’Oréal group, supported by studies, suggests that the night is the ideal time when we are most receptive to active ingredients that protect and repair the skin. “says Elisabeth Bouhadana, director of scientific communication at L’Oréal Paris. ” Objectives: repair oxidative damage, and combat the slowness of cell regeneration linked to age “, she continues.

The peak of activity is around midnight, a little message to night owls: beware of early wrinkles. On the application side, the evening being a priori a privileged moment when you have time, take advantage of it to anchor oneself in a holistic ritual : Gently massage your treatment and perform small breathing exercises.

What do I buy? Age Perfect Midnight SerumL’Oréal Paris, €19.90***; Mysterious One Thousand and One Nights Global Anti-Aging Night CreamGarancia, €54.50**; Elixir Active Energy Lift Day & Night Firming SerumQiriness, €67.90**; Chronobiological Night MaskNoble Panacea, €322 (; Lift + Végétal Actif Regenerating Night SerumDiadermine, €13.90***.

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5. A face care that protects against the sun and the cold

Winter and cold put the body to the test. With direct repercussions: “The heat is concentrated internally, the microcirculation abandons the skin in favor of the vital organs. The epidermis must therefore draw on its reserves to protect itself. But it quickly shows its weaknesses and becomes more sensitive,” explains Aurélie Guyoux, Scientific Director Esthederm. This is why it is necessary to focus on comfort and close protection via your daily cream. Esthederm chose royal jelly whose composition (sugars, amino acids, vitamins) ensures nutrition and softness. Other skin bodyguards at Biotherm, lceramides, great for restoring stressed skin and strengthen the barrier function of the skin. At Estée Lauder, the maintenance of this essential skin barrier and antioxidant protection remain one of the fundamental objectives of the new sculpting and firming line.

Another protection not to be overlooked: protection against UV rays. If March is not really the month when sunshine is likely to do the most harm to our skin (although, depending on the region, global warming has created many surprises…), spring is not far away, and with him the first attacks of the solar spectrum. As Philippe Msika, innovation and development director at Yves Rocher, reminds us, thehe sun is the essential factor in premature aging of the skin. With the key, visible damage: deeper wrinkles and spots. The idea is not to trade your daily care for a “real” sunscreen, but you can add the shield effect of a treatment enriched with filters. A significant anti-aging bonus, which we can already begin to consider.

What do I buy? Vital Cream with Royal JellyEsthederm, €71; Cera Repair Barrier Cream, Biotherm, €49**; Supreme Revitalizing + Youth Revealing CreamEstée Lauder, €109*; Le Soin Noir Fluid UV Protection SPF 50+ PA++++Givenchy, €115*; Anti-Aging Global Radiance The Illuminating Emulsion SPF 30Yves Rocher, €59.90 (

Text Olivia Segot, Slideshow Isabelle Lafond. *in perfumeries and department stores ** in pharmacies and parapharmacies *** in mass distribution.

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Photo credits: Fleur Kaan / Unsplash

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