Running: what to wear?

Running: what to wear?

Why wear specific outfits for running?

Running is mainly practiced outdoors. It is essential to take particular care with your outfits for running against the wind, in the heat, in the rain or in very cold weather. To do this, opt for a t-shirt, jersey or clothing sewn in a breathable material. This is layer 1 whose role is to wick away perspiration.

For the lower body, add tights or light, warm and airy insulating shorts (layer 2). The idea is to maintain your body temperature while keeping your skin dry, regardless of the outside temperature, the intensity of the race or the duration of the practice.

Don’t forget the layer to protect from the outside elements (layer 3). When you run outdoors, the wind is always there. It is important to protect yourself with a running windbreaker. This one is made from a technical and breathable material that insulates your body from the outside temperature while preventing the wind from rushing under your clothes. There are waterproof windbreakers to ward off light rain.

Layer 0 is the underwear. Choose a model adapted to the practice of running and your morphology. Running underwear is worn close to the body, like a second skin, while ensuring muscle support. They must facilitate your movements and provide you with a feeling of constant warmth. It is necessary to choose a material of breathable manufacture, ensuring a good evacuation of perspiration and regulating the body temperature. For athletes, remember to choose a bra offering optimal comfort during exercise. It is better to ignore models with seams to avoid chafing. Opt for bras that are easy to put on, with crossed and adjustable straps.

Tank top or light t-shirt, pants or shorts, jacket or windbreaker? It is not easy to find the best outfits to run comfortably, in summer as in winter. The first rule is to adjust your jogging clothes according to the climatic conditions. Your sensitivity to heat and cold also comes into play. The most important thing is to favor technical running outfits that are quick-drying and offer good breathability. In terms of fit, the choice is between tight-fitting or loose-fitting jogging outfits. It depends on your tastes, as long as you are comfortable. Also, they must wick away perspiration well and offer you optimal insulation against weather conditions. It is true that it is more comfortable to run in a close-fitting set if you are training at a high level. In any case, cotton should be avoided, as it absorbs and retains water.

Discover our selection of the best running outfits to make the most of your training sessions.

Our choice: 5-piece sports tracksuit

To complete your sports arsenal, our team suggests this women’s tracksuit set ODWTMRK. It is suitable for the practice of various sports activities: jogging, yoga, fitness, Pilates, aerobics, hiking, climbing, cycling, volleyball… This pack includes 5 pieces, namely a sports bra, a t-shirt, a shorts, a jacket and running joggers. It’s up to you to compose the outfit that suits you according to the weather conditions. Composed of 95% polyester and 5% elastane, this sportswear set by ODWTMRK does not wash in hot water and can be air dried.

Fitness and jogging tracksuit

Are you looking for a fitted outfit for your jogging sessions? We suggest this ZETIY tracksuit set. It consists of 5 pieces: a bra, a t-shirt, shorts, a hooded jacket and gym pants. The bra is your first ally during your running sessions. It maintains your chest and prevents pain and sagging breasts. Short shorts are appreciated for their lightness and the freedom of movement they give you. If the weather gets colder, just add the t-shirt and the jacket, and swap the shorts for the sports leggings. This set of sportswear offered by ZETIY is entirely made of polyester. It washes only by hand.

Thermal, breathable, warming and quick-drying underwear

In winter, it is essential to pay particular attention to the choice of your running outfit. This ALPIDEX thermal underwear set that our team has chosen will cover you as it should if you want to run when the temperature is around 0°C. It is a good solution for the chilly. This close-fitting long-sleeved top/pant set is adorned with extra-flat seams that guarantee comfort and freedom of movement.

Long sleeve top and pants set

You can keep running without worrying about weather conditions thanks to this thermal underwear NOOYME chosen by our team. This outfit with internal lining creates a thermal circle reducing heat loss while keeping you protected from the cold and the wind. The horizontal stripes on the chest and back have been designed to wick away perspiration and prevent unpleasant odours.

Running shoes

To complete your running outfit, don’t forget the shoes. These New Balance W680v3 tricolor sneakers (blue, coral and whites) selected by our team will accompany you during your training sessions, whether on the road or on a marked path. It offers optimal cushioning with each of your strides thanks to its XLT FootBed midsoles while being lightweight. With Abzorb technology, these New Balance W680v3 running shoes ensure a good distribution of the shock wave. The 12 mm drop, meanwhile, dampens vibrations for a smooth ride and flexible strides. Regarding the mesh upper, it offers excellent breathability and good sweat evacuation to keep your feet dry.

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