Bakuchiol serum: The 8 best formulas to adopt in your skincare routine for perfect skin

Bakuchiol serum: The 8 best formulas to adopt in your skincare routine for perfect skin

Why is it absolutely necessary to include a bakuchiol serum in your beauty routine?

Better tolerated than retinol, suitable for all skin types – even the most sensitive -, non-photosensitive, with no contraindications for pregnant or breastfeeding women… Bakuchiol seems to have become, in recent years, the best ally of beautiful skin. Extracted from a medicinal plant, this natural active ingredient is full of anti-blemish and anti-aging properties to ensure a flawless complexion. Among those :

  1. It boosts the production of collagen, guaranteeing the elasticity and suppleness of the skin.
  2. It fights against the harmful effects of the sun on the skin and in particular, hyperpigmentation.
  3. It prevents the development of bacteria responsible for the appearance of skin imperfections and excess sebum.
  4. It repairs the skin and reduces the appearance of small scars.

With that in mind, here are the best bakuchiol serums for clearer, more beautiful skin.

8 bakuchiol serums to include in your beauty routine

Freshly Cosmetics Phoenix Aura Well-Ageing Serum

Inside this glass bottle, a real feat since it contains up to 99.9% ingredients of natural origin, including bakuchiol. After several days of application, wrinkles appear filled, the surface of the skin softer and firmer and imperfections disappear little by little.
The plus: its exotic scent of papaya, guava and pomegranate which exalts the senses.

Freshly Cosmetics – Phoenix Aura Well-Aging Serum

35 €€26.25

Freshly Cosmetics

The Sephora Collection Anti-Aging Targeting Serum

It is the anti-aging properties of bakuchiol that are exploited here. Combined with vitamin E, this serum enriched with 96% ingredients of natural origin acts directly on fine lines and wrinkles. These are filled in while the skin becomes, day after day, more plumpy and hydrated.
The plus: its low price.

Sephora Collection – Anti-Aging Targeting Serum

thisworks my wrinkles CBD booster serum

A more glowing skin in just a few applications: this is the promise of this serum which combines the nourishing virtues of CBD with the antioxidant properties of bakuchiol.
The plus: Its composition, 98% natural.

this works – My Wrinkles CBD Booster and Bakuchiol


This Works via

Paula’s Choice Clinical Treatment 0.3% Retinol + 2% Bakuchiol

A synergy of bakuchiol and retinol that acts together on all signs of skin aging (wrinkles and fine lines but also hyperpigmentation due to UV exposure) to smooth the skin and deeply regenerate it.
The plus: tolerated by all skin types, even the most sensitive.

Paula’s Choice – 0.3% Retinol & 2% Bakuchiol Treatment

65 €

Paula’s Choice via

Medik8 peptides and bakuchiol serum

Infused with peptides and pure bakuchiol, this serum is particularly renowned and appreciated for its anti-aging properties that brighten the complexion while filling in wrinkles.
The plus: its oily texture that melts on the skin without leaving a greasy film.

Medik8 – Bakuchiol Peptides


Medik8 via

Anti-aging serum with bakuchiol and AHAs from Olehenriksen

Wrinkles, fine lines, pigment spots, visible pores, sagging skin… This very light-textured serum simultaneously targets all skin imperfections. The key: a smoother complexion and more supple, firmer skin.
The plus: its vegan formula.

Olehenriksen – Anti-Aging Serum With Bakuchiol And AHAs

61 €

Olehenriksen via

Herbivore bakuchiol smoothing serum

Just a few drops of this serum enriched with bakuchiol and polyhydroxy acid (PHA) to deeply hydrate the skin while preventing small imperfections.
The plus: its gel texture that glides on the skin and makes it soft and plumpy.

Herbivore – bakuchiol smoothing serum

50 €45 €

Herbivore via

Typology bakuchiol 1% blemish serum

Designed especially for acne-prone skin, this serum enriched with 1% pure bakuchiol limits the production of imperfections while hazelnut oil regulates sebum production.
The plus: its clean composition, 100% natural.

Typology – Bakuchiol Blemish Serum 1%

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