Brad Pitt is (finally) launching his own beauty brand and explains why


As you may know, Brad Pitt produces wine. In 2008, Angelina Jolie and he settled in the Château de Miraval, a vast property of 400 hectares in Correns, in the Var, before getting married there a few years later. Known for the quality of its rosé wine, which now generates several million euros a year, the estate made headlines more recently when the actress announced that she was selling her shares and thus began a new episode in the legal battle that opposed to her ex-husband. Meanwhile, Brad Pitt, starring in Bullet Train this summer, has not lost her love for her French home.

“This place is amazing, right?” he tells us, welcoming us to his property, casting a peaceful gaze over the surrounding vineyards and the botanical garden. A field that really fascinates him, and perhaps even too much sometimes. In a recent interview with QG, the actor confided in fact to our American colleagues that he had been the victim of a scam linked to a story of supposedly buried treasure near Miraval… If Brad Pitt ultimately did not exhume anything from his land, the Hollywood star has at the same time, a new project is sprouting up: Le Domaine skincare, a cosmetics brand dedicated to combating the visible signs of time. Because saying anti-aging is less sexy.

“It’s been decades that brands send me products and frankly I used them without making any difference, he confides to us. I have always more or less used the products of my partners who were always very focused on the beauty side. With the idea of ​​running away from aging, anti-aging… and all that didn’t really speak to me.” Associated again with the Perrin family, already in charge of the wine production of Miraval, Brad Pitt is thus launching a line of 3 essential everyday care products and gender neutral, adapted to the needs of a man who wanted a quick and effective routine. There is a cleansing emulsion, a serum and a cream aimed at slowing down the visible signs of ageing, thanks to the presence of grape water for example, but above all thanks to two exclusive active ingredients of the brand: GSM10 and ProGR3 ( which we will discuss in more detail below).

All products are vegan and contain a minimum of 96% ingredients of natural origin. A logical composition for a brand that claims the principle of circularity. “It’s about imitating the organic cycles of nature, its original beauty, says Brad Pitt. In nature, the principle of waste does not exist. Every leftover, every discarded item becomes food for another.”

The range presented this fall by Le Domaine is therefore deliberately limited. Apart from the cleansing emulsion, the brand’s other products are indeed refillable and almost entirely recyclable. A minimum of plastic was used for the packaging: the jars and bottles are made of glass and the oak caps were made from leftovers from the production of wine barrels. So much for the little story of the brand and its ecological and sustainable vision. On the price side, think of the Dr. Barbara Sturm or Augustinus Bader products, which now have a brand new competitor. And now it’s time to take a closer look at the products…

The 4 products of the Le Domaine skincare range

The cleansing emulsion

First step in any good skincare routine: cleansing. The Domaine has obviously thought about this step by developing a cleansing emulsion, an ultra-fine foam with moisturizing and nourishing properties that gently cleanses the face of its impurities. Use morning and evening on the face and neck then rinse with clear water, before moving on to the next step…

The serum

This is the key element of the Le Domaine range. Highly concentrated in GSM10 and ProGR3, this serum with an ultra-silky texture gives your skin a boost. “These molecules have sensory implications. They influence the appearance of the wine and its taste, but also have biological consequences for health, explains Pierre-Louis Teissedre, professor at the University of Bordeaux, specialist in the science of the vine and wine. They protect us from certain degradation mechanisms, allowing better replication at the cellular level.” Fragrance-free, this serum, which contains hyaluronic acid, promises smoother, firmer skin after 28 days of use.

Serum, Le Domaine skincare


Last asset of the Le Domaine range with an equally minimalist name, the Cream contains, you guessed it, a high concentration of the two in-house molecules (GSM10 and ProGR3). Its formula enriched with shea butter and olive oil gives it a texture of whipped cream. Among the ingredients, there is also chirette, an Ayurvedic plant known for its anti-fatigue properties. Apply morning and night if you prefer a richer, denser moisturizer.

The cream, Le Domaine skincare

The fluid cream

Formulated with grape water and also concentrated in GSM10 and ProGR3, this detoxifying and unifying fluid cream aims to make the skin more toned and firm. Apply this light-textured cream morning and evening like a classic moisturizer after cleansing your skin.

Available in January 2023


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