Crash test: 4 exfoliators put to the test

Crash test: 4 exfoliators put to the test


Tested by Timon van Mechelen, Editor-in-Chief


paula's choice exfoliator

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WHY ? “It’s the brand’s bestseller, with more than one product sold every minute around the world. This exfoliator is praised for its revolutionary formula based on 2% salicylic acid, without irritating the skin. »

DISADVANTAGES? “Its relatively mild formula is suitable for daily use. But I only notice a difference after a few weeks of use. It is difficult to dose, I often use too much product and the bottle empties quickly. This one is made of plastic: a bad point for the wallet and the planet. »

APPROVED ? “I understand why this product is so popular! After two months of use, I have a lot less blackheads on my nose, my complexion is more even and less dull. But the most positive aspect is this feeling of freshness. When I apply a cream straight away, I feel like my skin absorbs it better. »

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Tested by Beauty Editor Kim de Craene


exfoliating sothys

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WHY ? “A bit of nature in the bathroom, promises Organics, the new line from Sothys. The French brand, known for its spa treatments, is not talking about indoor plants, but about four organic and vegan skincare products. I particularly like the mention of all skin types, even sensitive, on the tubes. I have reactive skin and exfoliants are often too abrasive. »

DISADVANTAGES? “I apply the exfoliant – a combination of raspberry seeds, Camargue rice and birch sap – twice a week, but my complexion isn’t completely smooth and radiant. Stains and blemishes remain visible. The product may be too light. »

APPROVED ? “The mask is nice, easy to use and gritty enough to leave my skin soft and clean. However, I do not get the peach skin effect. But my skin is neither red nor irritated after use, which is already a unique experience in itself.

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Tested by Margo Verhasselt, NL web editor


drunk elephant scrub

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WHY ? “From time to time, a product comes onto the market and arouses real enthusiasm which generally ends up fading. But not for this scrub. The reason for its cult status? The combination of 25% AHA and 2% BHA helps rid the skin of dead cells and is suitable for virtually all skin types. »

DISADVANTAGES? “The formula is very powerful. According to the instructions, the treatment is applied once a week only and left to act for up to 20 minutes. But it is – especially at the beginning – very long. And the product is sometimes difficult to dose. »

APPROVED ? “The name Babyfacial is very appropriate: my skin is radiant, even and soft like a baby after a few uses. My advice ? Start with a weekly 10-minute treatment and gradually increase the exposure time. »

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Tested by Fashion and Style Manager Elspeth Jenkins


sisley exfoliator

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WHY ? “As the name suggests, this product is a cross between a scrub, mask and exfoliator. It promises a double action: exfoliating and improving radiance. Dead cells are eliminated, the skin is supple and velvety. »

DISADVANTAGES? “It’s a powder. You have to take a teaspoon and mix it with a little water to obtain a creamy foam to leave on your face for only a minute. Despite the very short, and therefore practical exposure time, it is not easy to determine the right amount of powder. I don’t want to waste this precious product. »

APPROVED ? “This exfoliator keeps its promises. I have sensitive skin, so a grain scrub is often too aggressive. My skin is soft after a few uses and my pores are visibly tighter after several weeks. »

102€ for 40ml

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