How does hair cryotherapy work?

How does hair cryotherapy work?

If cryotherapy makes it possible to provide cold care, the concept also applies to the hair. We tell you everything you need to know about the capillary cryotherapy.

What is hair cryotherapy?

The principle is simple: use the cold to take care of the hair! At stake ? Visibly shinier and softer hair, but also stronger and less brittle… and noticeable results for 1 to 2 months! So much so that we sometimes talk about the capillary cryotherapy as an anti-aging treatment for the hair fibre!

What are the benefits of cold on the hair fiber?

Treat hair with cold? If we weren’t already convinced of the benefits of cryotherapy on the body, we might have been skeptical. We now know that the cold can be a real ally. On the hair it allows to:

  • gain shine.
  • treat the hair fiber in depth. By closing the scales, the cold makes them less porous and stronger – while the heat opens them.
  • make hair less brittle
  • limit frizz.

While respecting the structure of the hair fiber, because capillary cryotherapy is not invasive.

How does a hair cryotherapy treatment take place?

To take care of the hair thanks to the cold, several techniques exist. In the early days of hair cryotherapy, it was suggested to use a cordless cold straightener: all you had to do was put your plates in the freezer (at least 4 hours) then use them to straighten your hair, cold. The problem? The time to finish the complete brushing, the plates weren’t really cold anymore and the last strands of hair didn’t really benefit from the effects of the cold. Today, 2 methods coexist:

  • electrical appliances, designed to keep their plates at a negative temperature long enough to allow blow-drying and which are used in the same way as a classic straightener – except that they are used on dry hair as well as on damp hair – (the best known being the electric cold hair straightener of Reverse Hair Conditioning, the cryotherapy cold brush Babyliss Pro …)
  • the specific treatments offered in salons make it possible to offer deep cryotherapy treatment. The treatment begins with a shampoo which detoxifies and rids impurities and opens the scales of the hair to prepare them to receive the treatment. Then, a specific treatment is applied to the hair. After a few minutes of pose, one improves the penetration of the care in the heart of the capillary fiber using very cold plates. The treatment ends with a rinsing in cold water.

Who is hair cryotherapy for?

Good news, this technique being non-invasive, it is not to be avoided for anyone. Better yet: cryotherapy is particularly suitable for fragile and weakened hair that it will heal in depth! If healthy hair has no reason to deprive itself of this treatment, cryotherapy is particularly recommended for damaged hair to which it brings much more appreciable and visible results.

Where to do a cryotherapy treatment for the hair?

Several salons offer treatments based on the benefits of capillary cryotherapy. Here are some Parisian addresses where to treat your hair to the benefits of cryotherapy:

  • At the Delphine Courteille salon (28 Rue du Mont Thabor, 75001): Sibéria treatment (1h30h – €140).
  • The R’Factory lounge (3 rue des Favorites 75015). From 130€.
  • At Jordy Brechkoff Hairdresser in Paris (27 rue du Quatre Septembre, 75002 Paris, France).

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