Men: how to take care of yourself at 50 and over?

Men: how to take care of yourself at 50 and over?

Mature men who are concerned about their appearance are more and more in our time. Are you 50 or older and want to present yourself in your best light to your colleagues, friends or clients, for example? In this article, stock up on tips to look flawless!

Adopt healthy habits

First, you need to think about your health. Eating well, quitting smoking (if applicable), reducing your consumption of alcoholic beverages, exercising, getting enough sleep and following up with your doctor and other healthcare professionals (dentist, optometrist, etc.) are essential gestures to feel good in your body and in your mind.

Take care of your skin

Skin that is cared for is brighter. So, while fine lines and wrinkles can add to your experience as a man, it’s best not to unnecessarily promote their appearance. Every day, your skin must be cleansed, hydrated and protected, especially against UV rays, which can cause brown spots and cause melanoma… Occasional exfoliation or exfoliation are also recommended to eliminate dead cells.

Update your wardrobe

Take an inventory of your clothes and accessories: are there any pieces that are outdated or that would suit young men more (eg garish colours)? If they are still in good condition, take them to a donation center. To add trendy clothes and accessories perfect for a man over 50, visit the or visit a boutique near you for personalized advice from seasoned stylists.

Get your hair cut

Men over the age of 50 are well advised to visit a hair salon or barber regularly to have their hair cut and their mustache or beard refreshed, if applicable. Depending on how fast your regrowth is, you might need to go about every month. To maintain your hair and facial hair at home, use quality products (shampoo, styling gel, beard oil, etc.).

Adopt the manicure-pedicure duo

Taking care of your hands and feet is not just about washing them! Nowadays, aesthetic salons have more and more male clients who are concerned about these too often neglected parts of the body. You should know that the manicure-pedicure combo is much more than trimming and filing nails! It is a complete treatment that rids the skin of its dead cells to reveal its radiance and suppleness.

Also be aware that neglected hands and feet (e.g. nails that are too long, yellowed, bitten, or affected by a disease such as fungus) can sabotage all your efforts to make a good first impression: take it for granted. !

Finally, taking care of yourself after 50 also means doing activities that stimulate you and make you happy: taking classes, travelling, going to the movies, etc. Enjoy life!

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