Renovating Hair Care Test at the Carita Beauty Center

Renovating Hair Care Test at the Carita Beauty Center

Benoît, hairdresser-expert at the Maison de Beauté Carita for 10 years, assures us: “By detoxifying the scalp in depth, we free it, we re-oxygenate it, we clean it, we relax it… It’s a real capillary ‘reset'”.

The soil of our hair, the scalp, hidden under our lengths, is too often neglected or simply forgotten. However, this extremely vascularized and sensitive area reacts to the slightest stress or negative environmental factor. The beauty of our hair depends on its condition. On the strength of this observation, the Maison de Beauté Carita has been offering a cult treatment for years to take care of it: Hair Renewal Treatment.

Benoît’s three words to describe him? “Unique, iconic by the products and its history, and innovative, because even if we have been offering it for a long time, we revisit it regularly and give it a second life.” On the skincare menu since 1956, it has indeed benefited from innovations in the cosmetics industry while remaining true to itself and to the DNA of the brand, created by sisters Maria and Rosy Carita in 1945.

Discovery of this “hair detox“made to measure that promises healthy and sublime hair.

The stages of care

The hairdresser-expert begins with a hair diagnosis. Then, he performs the “100 brush strokes”. “We consider this ritual as a pre-shampoo, because it allows impurities (dust, dandruff, etc.) to be removed and the material to be aired”, explains Benoît. The bristles of the brushes will also relaunch circulation and ‘wake up’ the scalp, which is now ready to receive the treatment.

He then applies the

Beauty Fluid 14

on the roots, lengths and tips. It is an ultra-dry oil invented in the 1950s. Rich in vitamins and trace elements, it contains nourishing sunflower oil and hazelnut oil rich in vitamins E and D. Due to its finesse, it penetrates quickly, strengthens the hair, makes it less brittle and boosts its shine. “We apply it generously strand by strand by heating it with your fingers”, adds the hairdresser.



, the house’s iconic product then made its debut. “We apply it like a color, line by line, all over the scalp. We then perform gestures similar to those of lymphatic drainage with pressure in the ascent, a touch in the descent to drive out the lymph – the waste therefore – and relaunch the microcirculation.”

The magic formula of this flagship Carita product? Dried and roasted sunflower seeds are immersed in a mixture of four essential oils (clove, rosemary, thyme, lemon) in large stainless steel vats, then macerated for months. “We then use it as it is at the Maison de Beauté”, explains Benoît who considers that “there is a life before the renovator, and a life after the renovator”.

Then it’s time to shampoo. “We take the brush and apply the shampoo directly to the dry. We massage the scalp with enveloping movements and emulsify a little. Once it has foamed, we apply the foam on the lengths and ends, then rinse with bac. We make a second shampoo and a mask adapted to the nature of the client’s hair”.

It is possible to complete the treatment with a cut and styling according to the desires of the moment.

The scalp is reboosted for a month. “Now is the time to do a castor oil cure!” advises Benoît. It is then possible to opt for a cure (5 sessions) or to book the treatment as soon as our hair needs it.

For who ?

Good news, the Hair Renovator treatment is suitable for all hair types and lengths.

“We recommend it either to solve a scalp problem (tightness, itching, oily scalp), dandruff, to prevent or slow down hair loss”, explains Benoît. It is also strongly recommended by our expert in case of weakened, thinning hair, or for people who use (and sometimes abuse) styling products (hairspray, wax…).

You can also simply choose to make an appointment to spend a moment of absolute relaxation, without necessarily looking for results. “Some of my clients come just to get away from it all. As soon as we massage the scalp, something happens,” says Benoît.

Some cons-indications all the same: people with sensitive or irritated scalp (psoriasis, sunburn, alopecia areata), pregnant or breastfeeding women should ignore this treatment rich in essential oils.

His price ?

145 euros for 1h30 of treatment.

The opinion of Élodie Bousquet, Digital Editor-in-Chief

“Silky and shiny, without adding any styling product, my hair is strikingly soft after the treatment. The scalp is fresh, soothed. The whole is supple and airy. The next morning, after brushing in As a rule, the hair positions itself naturally, I note a rather unusual natural volume at the roots. The hair seems to be clarified, healthy, in great shape. I would recommend it without hesitation in the event of dull and flattened hair, especially at the change of seasons. “

Carita Beauty Center – 29, rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré 75008 Paris

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