Tok beauté: the ‘sticky method’, the quick and infallible technique to camouflage your acne

Tok beauté: the 'sticky method', the quick and infallible technique to camouflage your acne

(ETX Daily Up) – Like every year at the same time, acne is one of the favorite subjects of adolescents, like adults, victims of the rebound effect of long exposure to the sun. Reluctant to test the miracle solutions provided by dermatologists and other beauty professionals, tiktokeurs seem to have found the infallible technique to stop budding: the ‘sticky method’. In two stages, and three brush strokes, it would, it is said, put an end to acne – or almost.

It may seem unthinkable for connected generations, who spend their days compulsively scrolling through Instagram, but perfect skins don’t exist. Spots, pimples, blackheads, and other blemishes are part of everyday life for teenagers, and many adults, despite the filters trying to make it seem otherwise. Treatments, and other natural solutions, exist to fight against acne, but these harmful, as some call them, are not the prerogative of a minority, far from it.

If you can’t get rid of them permanently, there are a host of tricks to hide the few pimples that can ruin your life when they appear unexpectedly two hours from a date, an outing, or even your marriage. Among them, the ‘sticky method’, a technique that tiktokeurs already qualify as infallible to camouflage imperfections using only four make-up products.

Popularized by Mikayla Nogueira, makeup artist and influencer followed by more than 13 million subscribers on TikTok, the technique has already been viewed nearly 5 million times in just three weeks. And, it must be recognized, the comments are all more laudatory than the others, the majority of users having ended up testing and adopting this ‘sticky method’, a name however moderately engaging.

To obtain flawless skin, in appearance anyway, you must start by applying a moisturizing serum with a sticky finish. In her video, the young woman uses Glow Recipe’s Plum Plump hyaluronic acid serum, but she makes it clear that all serums of this type can do the trick. After letting the product dry, move on to the foundation, or primer, and choose a product that perfectly fixes the make-up, like the one used by the make-up artist, the brand’s Power Grip Primer Elf Cosmetics. The objective with these first two steps is to obtain an ultra-sticky film that will allow the concealer to adhere to the skin.

Make way now, as you will have understood, for the matte concealer, to be applied to each imperfection using a brush, without blurring the texture. Very important detail, it is essential, again according to the user, to let everything dry for at least two to five minutes for the method to work. We also see her using a pocket fan to speed up the movement. Then just apply your usual foundation, and complete your make-up routine as you normally do. The trick is done, the pimples seem to have completely disappeared, at least for the rest of the day. All that remains is to test…

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