Villa Sully: staying well-groomed despite age

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A snip here, a dab of hairspray there. Every Tuesday at Villa Sully, a moment out of time is offered to residents. In recent years, a space dedicated to well-being has been created to receive care and hairdressing professionals, to the delight of the residents of the residence.

Thereby, Gabriele Malvetti, hairdresser at home, takes possession of the premises once a week. He receives, with a lot of patience and attentiveness, the elderly people who live at the Villa Sully. Hairdresser for about thirty years, it is a bit by chance that he began his collaboration with the elderly.

“As I say, it’s better to have a well-groomed head than a bad make-up”

I know nursing practices that work in residences. The nurses saw people who were not well-groomed and therefore not very comfortable in their skin, he explains. In 2016, I had the opportunity to develop a hairdressing salon in a residence which provided me with a dedicated space. I then developed a clientele of residents and I liked it. These are people who have a history and who have the time. I don’t have to rush or bulk up. Like I say, it’s better to have a well-groomed head than a bad make-up “. For the professional, staying stylish is a real priority as you get older. ” In the collective unconscious, old age is poorly perceived. When you are old, appearing neglected can immediately cause harm. We must not forget that the old are old young people and that now we live longer, so we are old longer “.

Hairdressing at Villa Sully, privileged moments

After the first confinement, Gabriele Malvetti begins to intervene at Villa Sully. His first client, Andree Ecal, who still trusts her today and who comes to have her hair done once a week. A privileged moment for the one who will celebrate her 100th birthday next year. ” The hairdressers are aware of everything that happens here. They are our confidants “Blows the retiree during her brushing. ” The fact of telling their life, it allows to stay connected to their story adds Gabriele Malvetti.

More than hairdressing, personalized support

These privileged moments in the company of Gabriele Malvetti also make it possible to punctuate the lives of residents and reassure them. The hairdressing professional had to adapt to this clientele that he cherishes so much. ” I learned later, techniques to support them when they have to move towards the bins, towards the chair, when I see that there is a fragility in terms of movement, continues Gabriele Malvetti. When you are of a certain age, you have mechanical problems and for some people, combing your hair can become painful.

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“With age, there is a deficiency of keratin which causes the hair to be thinner. We must therefore make treatments to maintain the capital hair. There are also medical treatments that cause hair loss. And finally, I sometimes find myself confronted with people with cancer and whom I have to shave. It is better to have a shaved head to keep a good self-image… And sometimes these clients come back to have their hair done, with new hair because they are in remission”.

A wonderful adventure that continues Villa Sully and in other residences for one who magnifies the heads and spirits of our elders.

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