Which sunscreen to choose to protect against UV? Our Top Summer 2022

Which sunscreen to choose to protect against UV?  Our Top Summer 2022

Sunscreen, SPF basics for the whole family

A must-have in the sun protection department, La Roche Posay is well positioned with its SPF 50+ sunscreen, which is suitable for the whole family. Enriched with Avène thermal water, this high protection sunscreen is suitable for the most sensitive skin, including those prone to intolerances. Its plus: non-greasy, it resists water and promises not to sting the eyes. Two key arguments for peaceful beach sessions!

Dedicated to the face, Eucérin Pigment Control sunscreen is the ally of mature skin or skin prone to hyperpigmentation. With its anti-UV filter, this treatment neutralizes the effects of the sun, thus allowing you to avoid the mask effect from the first exposures. An almost natural complement to your day cream, this sunscreen also acts on brown spots already present. In short, for an ultra-reasonable price, you preserve your beauty capital, while treating the imperfections that blur your complexion and mark the years.

Water, mist, spray, sunscreen in an ultra-light version

Are you always on the reserve when it comes to slathering yourself in sunscreen? Test Avène fluid sun mist. With its SPF 50+ protection, this sunscreen, reserved for the face, will be discreet. Without perfume, it offers a fluid rendering, which does not stick and does not shine! Doped with Avène thermal water, this treatment is also a good complement for your summer hydration. Easy to apply, it slips into the bottom of the bag without stress, thanks to its pump bottle, which allows you to extract the right dose, neither more nor less!

A classic of its kind, the Avène sun spray is also a summer must-have. Lighter than a classic sunscreen, its spray diffusion allows you to cover the areas to be protected, without taking advantage of the white mask that compromises your seaside style! Compatible with face and body, this sunscreen obviously protects against UVB-UVA, but also against oxidative stress. As a result, while you tan, your skin nonchalantly fights against aging.

Recommended for those who fear sunburn, or even heat stroke, the La Roche Posay cool mist does double duty. It protects normal to sensitive skin from UV rays, while bringing a real feeling of freshness, particularly soothing for the epidermis. Paraben-free, water-resistant and super-fluid, the solar mist can be stored in the refrigerator to concentrate the ice cube effect, which goes so well with a mojito-lounger!

SVR offers an innovative product that smells like summer with its protective sunscreen water. Designed for skin that is ultra-reactive to UV rays as well as for those who curse too much cream, this sun water, stuffed with natural vegetable oils, offers the perfect combo to fight against sunburn while boosting hydration. Light, easy to apply and deliciously scented, solar water is a one-way ticket for the holidays!

Sun creams, compatible with your make up

Are you aware that you have to protect yourself from UV rays but remain more reserved about the idea of ​​sacrificing your make-up? Don’t worry, it’s no longer the time to make such concessions! With Bioderma’s Teinte Dorée sunscreen, you combine anti-UV protection and a foundation primer in a single product. With its non-greasy finish and fluid texture, this treatment unifies the complexion, erases imperfections and fights against the effects of ageing. Easy to apply, this sunscreen is the perfect ally for a tanned complexion all year round!

Ideal for combining light make-up and anti-UV protection, SVR Sun Secure sunscreen offers an almost invisible finish. With its apricot hue and mousse texture, this sun protection does much more: it evens out the complexion and blurs imperfections, providing velvety skin that is above all well protected. With its SPF50+ index, this foam cream is suitable for the most sensitive skin, especially that of adolescents. And not to spoil anything, just smell the tube to be immediately projected in summer. We love !

Much more than simple sun protection, Sun Oil Control combines the benefits. In addition to its fluid texture, which is ultra-convenient to apply, this sunscreen plays the integral protection card. UVA, UBV but also first wrinkles, it exterminates everything in its path! Its secret: a delicate formula, compatible with the most capricious skin, and a Hyaluronic Acid supplement, which acts in depth on cell renewal. A real boost to each application, which, what does not spoil anything, is displayed at an unbeatable price!

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