10 ways to use coconut oil at home

10 ways to use coconut oil at home

You’ve probably heard of coconut oil before. Thanks to its many benefits, it proves to be an ally of choice in your kitchen, your bathroom and even for your health. So if you’re wondering what to do with this super ingredient, discover 10 ways to use it at home.

1 – To replace the makeup remover

What’s more effective thana greasy substance to remove make-up ? Take a little coconut oil to remove the slightest trace of makeup, including waterproof. For it, melt a dab of oil between your fingers, then come and apply it directly on a dry face. Then rinse with lukewarm water. Results ? You have a soft and totally clean skin !

Be careful though, coconut oil is comedogenic and therefore not suitable for oily or acne-prone skin.

2 – As a moisturizer for the skin

Its nourishing properties, due in particular to the high presence of saturated fatty acids, make coconut oil a popular ingredient in cosmetic care. Rich in vitamins and mineralsit deeply nourishes the epidermis and intensely hydrates it to restore tone and vitality.

We apply to the face, body, and even around the eyes. The ideal is to practice this treatment in the evening before going to bed, because the skin regenerates during the night. A tip: mix a few drops with your cream for daily use.

3 – In treatment of acne

To treat your acne pimples, take advantage of antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties coconut oil. It has been shown that the medium chain fatty acids it contains kill the bacteria responsible for acnecalled Propionibacterium acnes.

To use it, apply a few drops to comedones by performing circular massages. Note however that, as we said earlier, the oily or acne-prone skin does not tolerate it, as it can be comedogenic. Test and stop using it if it gives you pimples!

4 – To soothe sunburn

After enjoying the sun, feel free to use coconut oil to soothe and rehydrate the skin. If you have been the victim of sunburn, it will regenerate your epidermis faster and easier. Furthermore, you will avoid peeling to remove all dead skin.

5 – To nourish dry and damaged hair

Coconut oil is as good for the skin as for the hair. So we adopt it in care, oil bath style, to nourish the hair fiber. Warm a few drops between your hands, then apply it on damp hair, insisting on the ends. Then wrap everything in a heated toweland leave to act for at least 20 minutes.

6 – In whitening oral care

An organic alternative to toothpaste, coconut oil offers a composition of natural origin and healthier for our mouth. Try the homemade mix: add a dose of baking soda (or powdered white clay) and a few drops of mint essential oil to freshen breath. It’s your turn !

7 – As a deodorant

More deodorant on hand? Thanks to its antibacterial effectiveness, coconut oil can also be used as a deodorant. For this, either you apply it directly massage under the armpits. Or you mix a tablespoon of coconut oil with a little baking soda (yes, yes, like toothpaste), and cornstarch before application. Here you are ready to face the day !

8 – As a natural lubricant

Who would’ve believed that ? Coconut oil is also very popular as an intimate lubricant. Healthier and more natural for our body than certain lubricants with a composition that is not jojo at all, it soothes vaginal dryness and pain during sex.

On the other hand, like all oil-based lubricants, coconut oil is to be avoided if you use latex condomsat the risk of damaging them.

9 – In cooking oil

In the kitchen, we also like coconut oil for its high saturated fat content. Considered to be extremely heat resistant, it preserves its beneficial properties even while cooking. This is what makes it a “healthy” oil.

So, we do not hesitate to incorporate it into our recipes. In addition, its tasty coconut note brings a fragrant touch to your dishes. Something to delight your taste buds!

10 – To replace fat in the kitchen

Always in the kitchen, coconut oil turns out to be an ideal vegan alternative to replace fat. For example, swap butter for this miracle ingredient in your preparations. In order to choose it well, bet on a certified organic coconut oil, from a first cold pressing. Bonus: you can sprinkle your cakes with delicious coconut flakes. You will love !

Of course, this list is not exhaustive. If you have other beauty tips around coconut oil and more generally vegetable oils to share, we are waiting for you on our forum.

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