PHYTODESS: the haircare range reinvented by Dessange

PHYTODESS: the haircare range reinvented by Dessange

Dessange — beauty and hair expert — has created the PHYTODESS routine: hair care products adapted to your needs and acclaimed by Sophie Mandi, Instagrammer and entrepreneur with luminous blonde hair.

Just like facial skin, hair and scalp need a care routine that makes roots, lengths and ends stronger, softer and shinier. Because there is no beautiful hair without a balanced scalp! PHYTODESS confirms its vision of committed and eco-responsible hair beauty. New treatments developed around a return to basics close to the initial values ​​of the range, but redesigned for ever more respect and efficiency.

talk with Sophie Mandicontent creator and founder of Madd|Mi and Perrine MesnagerPhytodess product manager

The ideal shampoo ritual in 4 key products

PHYTODESS – recognizable by its pretty celadon green color – offers, among other things, a shampoo routine made up of 4 products: a Earth Precious, a Precious Creama Shampoo and one Mask adapted to every need. Every 2 or 3 days, we give ourselves a targeted shampoo: with anti-residue Green Tea, with lightly moisturizing Edelweiss, with White Tea providing radiance and protection, with moisturizing and disciplining Calendula, with Sandalwood providing vigor and lightness, with refreshing Purple Ginseng, soothing Aloe Vera, nutritious Passionflower, softening and strengthening Camellia, vitalizing Baobab or detoxifying Peppermint. We combine it with a mask adapted to the nature of our hair: like Illipe butter for dry hair, Buriti for swept or colored hair, volumizing and densifying Hibiscus… Once a week, we perform a deep treatment scalp and hair, starting with a Terre Précieuse cleansing treatment, deep cleansing treatments again adapted to each need: purifying malachite, comforting copper, de-stressing gold, rejuvenating pearl. We continue with the application of the Precious Cream: a truly generous and revitalizing treatment of excellence composed of a cocktail of active ingredients providing essential nutrients to the hair fibre. Suitable for all hair types, even sensitized, it helps to restore the original beauty of the hair.

Essential steps according to Sophie Mandi (mandisfashionworld, 47k followers on Instagram): “To have beautiful healthy hair, you must use a personalized shampoo and treatment that meets the needs of your hair. Just apply a care that we leave on before rinsing it well so as not to weigh down the hair. Then it’s about switching between a detangling spraya Mineral Spray or one serum for the protect from heat hair dryer. I also advise to do not wash hair every day andto avoid a maximum of temperature devices too high (hair dryer, straighteners, etc.). »

PHYTODESS, the range with tailor-made benefits

True beauty treatments for the scalp and hair, the products PHYTODESS are formulated with colored clays, minerals and plant extracts. They join forces to create treatments bespoke and personalized. In addition to its signature color which remains, the PHYTODESS range has been completely redesigned (pure design, all in readability) and its emblematic formulas reworked for even more naturalness. Silicone-free, formulas have been stripped of superfluous ingredients and contain up to 99% ingredients of natural origin*, carefully selected thanks to a controlled and united sourcing. All the eco-designed packaging respond to this essential logic: reduce, recycle and reincorporate. The reduction in the use of plastic in pots is moreover to date 87%. The first plastic-free product from PHYTODESS is the solid shampoo with sea buckthorn, which is as easy to use as a liquid shampoo. Just lather it between your hands or on the wet scalp, gently massage its creamy foam then rinse to obtain a clean scalp and hair.

Results that perfectly meet the expectations of Sophie Mandi : “ My hair care expectations? That my hair is soft, silky and well nourished, but without being weighed down. I like my blonde to be luminous, with beautiful reflections. »


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*Percentage adapted to each product

The new Phytodess products are available in preview in DESSANGE salons, they will be available on later this year.

This article was written in close collaboration with Dessange.

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