10 things to know to remove makeup and cleanse your face properly

10 things to know to remove makeup and cleanse your face properly

There are those who do not go to bed without a perfect make-up removal, even at 4 o’clock in the morning; those who soap their face in the shower in the evening and/or in the morning; those who, on the pretext that they don’t wear make-up, do not see why they should use make-up remover… But, whatever the habits (urban life, smoking, cycling), and even if the skin does not appear dirty , it is essential to rid it of all the impurities accumulated during the day. It is even the sine qua non condition for maintaining a healthy and luminous epidermis, which will not age too quickly. To make this moment more pleasant, recent products are both effective, gentle and respectful of the skin microbiome, but also more natural and often eco-designed. So many reasons to (re)learn good habits…

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Do we avoid water on dry skin?

It all depends on whether we support it. On mature and dry skin, it is preferable to use a cleansing milk, oil or balm, which cleans perfectly while providing comfort. Then rinse with water or lotion. On normal to dry skin, cleansing gel or foam and lukewarm water are possible if they do not contain soap and do not feel tight after rinsing.

Should I change products according to the season?

It’s a question of taste. When it is hot, we appreciate more a cleaning with fresh water or micellar water rather than creamy milk. Recent formulas adapt to our desires by offering several galenics in the same range: milk, foam, textured or micellar water, oil, cream or balm and even, more and more, solid cleansers in an ecological version. The choice is wide, which makes it possible to transform this constraining moment into a parenthesis of pleasure.

Is a cleansing oil suitable for oily skin?

Yes, provided you choose a non-comedogenic oil, that of jojoba, for example – but we will avoid coconut oil –, to rinse it well and to ensure that it does not leave a greasy film on the skin. It perfectly cleans and dissolves excess sebum specific to this type of skin. However, in case of pimples, it is better to use a specific foaming gel with purifying active ingredients. You can perfect the ritual by ending with a soft and rebalancing lotion, and then apply a moisturizer.

What texture to adopt for eye make-up removal?

For sensitive eyes, choose a specific gentle treatment with an appropriate texture (gelled or milky), soothing active ingredients (cornflower, chamomile) or micelles that cleanse effectively without irritating. If you have no particular problem, you can remove make-up from this area with the same product as the face. Milk and oil perfectly remove stubborn mascara and eye shadow. On the other hand, micellar water can be ineffective and irritate the eyelids if you rub too much.

What removes long-wearing shadows best?

To overcome these highly pigmented, resistant or waterproof make-up, two-phase make-up removers are the most effective solution for the eyes and lips. They are suitable for fragile eyelids, because their formula limits friction. Cleansing oil also works great, as does natural coconut oil.

What are the recommendations for sensitive skin?

First, choose a product specially designed for these skins, soft, with a neutral pH. Wash your face with your hands rather than with a cotton pad or a washable make-up remover pad. Do not rub to limit irritation. One can, for example, massage a milk or an oil, emulsify it with lukewarm water, then spray a soothing thermal water on the face.

Finish with a thermal water spray, is it really useful?

Yes, for several reasons. First, for the pleasant side of the vaporization on the skin! Then, because these waters infuse elements (minerals and trace elements) essential to the good health of the epidermis. Depending on their composition, they can be anti-ageing, anti-infl ammatory, rebalancing… They make it possible to “rinse” the make-up remover and to limit the drying effects of tap water. Dry your face immediately, unless it is isotonic water, like those of Jonzac and Uriage. Thanks to their perfect affinity with the epidermis, these waters do not need to be wiped off.

When should you opt for double cleaning?

This ritual originating in Asia consists of first using a make-up remover oil to remove make-up and dirt, then a foaming gel to complete the cleansing of the epidermis. It is justified when you wear a lot of make-up, with stubborn pigments, if you work in a polluted environment, but also in summer, when it comes to removing sunscreen residue. With combination or oily skin, you can also be tempted, but be careful not to strip it, because it is often fragile…

Morning and evening, is it necessary?

In general, no. Dermatologists recommend cleansing the skin well in the evening to remove all the dirt accumulated during the day. This is the best way to help him regenerate overnight. When you wake up, the skin is not dirty, a spray of thermal or floral water (or a soft lotion) is enough to refresh it and remove traces of sebum present on the T zone. A dab of moisturizing cream and it’s ready !

And if we skip it?

Do not clean your face from time to time, it passes; regularly, it’s more worrying… And the older you get, the more damaging it is. In the short term, the risk is to have pimples, blackheads, a charged and dull complexion, even conjunctivitis if the mascara and the make-up are not well eliminated. In the long term, all the molecules that settle during the day on the skin surface create micro-inflammations promoting premature aging. Without forgetting that a careful cleaning every evening allows to optimize the penetration and the effectiveness of the care.

What material for the washable squares?

We’re spoiled for choice, but it’s the details that make the difference. The cotton, preferably organic, is very soft (Eco-Lingettes Kit, Mustela, in organic cotton). Bamboo, very absorbent, is ideal for thick make-up removers and oily skin (Masking Cleansing Pads, L’Arbre Vert). Eucalyptus is the most ecological, combining softness and virtuous elaboration (Carrés Démaquillants, Les Tendances d’Emma). As for the microfibers, made of polyester and polyamide, they attract dirt and can be used without product, simply moistened with hot water (Reusable Cleansing Towel, MakeUp Eraser).

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