“Our mission is to give meaning to beauty”, Laurence Moulin, CEW

“Our mission is to give meaning to beauty”, Laurence Moulin, CEW

Premium Beauty News – The theme of the next Beauty Day will be “Beauty in all conscience”. What does this title cover?

Laurence Moulin- We chose this theme several months ago and I believe it is even more topical in the context of the start of the 2022 school year; at a time when much is expected of companies. This day will be an opportunity to look at how beauty players are rethinking their environmental and societal impact, in an increasingly complex ecosystem, since we are also witnessing a real technological revolution.

How to renew our vision of business in a new type of economy? What type of society are we heading towards? What will be the forms of development of the future? It is really in the CEW’s DNA to think about the future of beauty, especially for everything related to environmental, social and human issues. As a think-tank with a humanistic vision of beauty, our role is to support entrepreneurs in the search for answers to the major challenges of the moment.

The day, hosted by Laurence Dorlhac, beauty journalist France 2, will be opened by Ilaria Resta, World Perfumery President of Firmenich. Thomas Busuttil, founder of R3 Imagin/able will then put our questions into perspective with, in particular, what could be the principles of “a satiating society” inspired by the Living. He will continue with a round table on bio inspiration and biomimicry in beauty. Innovation, creation, new relationships with consumers and their expectations will then be detailed with the aim of always linking sustainability and desirability. Each theme has been designed, prepared and will be moderated by a member of the CEW expert center (Editor’s note – complete program: www.cew.asso.fr).

Premium Beauty News – Is the CEW also a charity commitment?

Laurence Moulin- This is one of our main reasons for being! CEW France was created 36 years ago by a group of women leaders, including Françoise Montenay, our current president. These women wanted to help each other but also to give more meaning to their careers in beauty, a universe too often considered futile. We can see today how pioneering they were! Not only by their desire to engage in concrete actions, but also by encompassing beauty, well-being and health in an approach which – even before the concept was forged – was already “holistic”.

“The essential holistic consciousness” will be the last subject addressed during the September 21 Beauty Day. This will be an opportunity to discuss the expectations of consumers, to share the experience of the brands that embody this movement and also to highlight the action of the CEW beauty centers, which provide 36,000 individual socio-aesthetic treatments each year to more than 27,000 hospitalized patients.

Premium Beauty News – Centers celebrating their 30th anniversary!

Laurence Moulin- Indeed, the first individual care program was launched in 1992 at the Gustave Roussy Hospital. It was a very innovative initiative at the time. Today the entire medical profession is in tune with the importance of this so-called “support” care, which helps to better support treatments, regain self-esteem and offer the opportunity for bubbles of relaxation and well-being. with specially trained socio-estheticians.

This system is based on strong collaboration between the nursing staff, the socio-estheticians and the CEW volunteers who coordinate everything. It is a collective action which also exists thanks to the generosity of companies in the sector and of our members who find themselves in the values ​​of this action which “gives meaning to beauty”. It is today a very important program that defends and animates with a lot of energy and commitment our president Françoise Montenay (also Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Chanel SAS). Every year in November, the annual CEW Beauty Centers Gala brings together the beauty companies that are sponsors of the CEW and funds a large part of the treatments.

Premium Beauty News – What are the other activities of the CEW during the year?

Laurence Moulin- We define ourselves as the professional and united network of beauty actors. Our charitable activities are important, they enrich and give meaning to careers in beauty, but we are also a network of exchanges and enrichment between professionals. Originally a female network intended to support women’s careers, the CEW is today a mixed network. It is aimed at all beauty professionals who find themselves in our vision, while continuing to play its role of promoting female talent.

We propose several major annual meetings : “Beauty Business”, in March, to take stock of the cosmetics market, the “Achiever Awards”, in April, to reward professional successes in our sector, and “Beauty Day”, in September, including the object is to reflect on the issues and trends of the time. In addition, we organize monthly events with experts and brands on current topics.

Our members have privileged access to these events, as well as those organized by CEW US and CEW UK. They have access to the community directory and the services of the three CEWs. In France, each member supports our beauty centers de facto.

In summary, our mission is to give meaning to beauty. This is totally topical and, more than ever, in line with the aspirations of company employees and with the expectations of society!

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