Which lip care is the most effective? The Top Summer 2022

Which lip care is the most effective?  The Top Summer 2022

Nourishing care, for pretty plumped lips

Clarins Lip Comfort Oil 01 Honey is nothing less than the perfect oil for those who want to enhance their lips while providing care and shine. This nourishing lip oil contains 93% natural ingredients, including 30% botanical and organic oils. Among them you will find jojoba, hazelnut and rosehip oil, which moisturize, repair, protect and nourish the lips. The formula even gives the lips a slight plumping effect, which immediately has a soothing effect on the lips.

LIP COMFORT oil #01-honey

LIP COMFORT oil #01-honey



Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask Berry is an overnight mask that soothes, moisturizes and reduces flaking of the lips. It contains vitamin C and antioxidants that help soothe and soften lips. And thanks to the “Moisture Wrap” technology which uses hyaluronic acid and minerals, this product forms a protective film on the lips in order to retain moisture. It also contains water-rich beta-glucan which forms an 8-hour moisturizing layer and retains the active ingredients and mineral water contained in the product. If you want to have beautiful, hydrated, slightly shiny and dewy lips, this product is for you.

Lip Sleeping Mask Berry 20g

Lip Sleeping Mask Berry 20g

The snow


Provide your lips with hydration and protection by applying the Baume de Rose Flaconnette by Terry, the travel version. Containing an extremely high concentration of lipid substances and essential rose wax, this creamy balm will intensely hydrate and nourish your lips while providing them with a rejuvenating, repairing, fortifying and anti-aging treatment that enhances the voluptuousness of the lips and the leaves radiant with a healthy glow.

Rose Balm Bottle 2.3gr

Rose Balm Bottle 2.3gr

By Terry


Moisturizing lip care, for a hydrated mouth

If you want beautiful, hydrated lips, look no further than Dior’s iconic lip balm, Dior Addict Lip Glow, with 97% natural-origin ingredients. This iconic lip balm features Color Enhancer technology that adapts to the pH of the lips to reveal a personalized glow for up to six hours. Made with cherry oil, shea butter and sunflower waxes, Lip Glow offers both custom color and lip care. It is available in shades suitable for all skin tones.

Dior Addict Lip Glow - Color Enhancing Moisturizing Lip Balm

Dior Addict Lip Glow – Color Enhancing Moisturizing Lip Balm



With Clinique’s Chubby Stick, you’ll get exactly what dry, delicate lips need to feel comfortably soft, hydrated and smooth. Infused with shea butter, mango butter and jojoba oil, Chubby Stick Balm delivers an immediate boost of hydration, leaving lips feeling soft, supple and soothed. Presented in a playful pencil-like case, this balm is available in eight tantalizing shades, ranging from nudes to pretty pinks and deep purples, it’s the perfect accessory for any occasion!

Chubby Stick - Tinted Moisturizing Lip Balm

Chubby Stick – Tinted Moisturizing Lip Balm



It’s not just the skin that needs protection from the sun, the lips need it too. To this end, you can trust Avène’s SPF 50+ lip stick, which not only moisturizes the lips but also protects them from solar radiation, free radicals and external aggressions. Containing a powerful blend of sun filters and antioxidants as well as beeswax, this protective and moisturizing balm is the ideal lip care to take on any occasion.

Lip Balm SPF50+

Lip Balm SPF50+



Repairing care, for healthy lips

SoreFix is ​​a tube lip balm that has been shown to be effective in treating cold sores. Transparent, oily and zinc-based, SoreFix treats cold sores by acting on the 4 phases of the disease: it relieves the tingling, reduces the vesicles, shortens the healing time of ulcers and prevents the crust of cold sores from crack. It also prevents cold sores by forming a barrier that protects the lips from disease triggers. It contains a UV filter (SPF30) for sun protection and it improves the condition of the lips thanks to natural oils and vitamin E.

Cream against cold sores tube 6ml

Cream against cold sores tube 6ml



If your lips are dry, cracked, peeling, irritated, itchy or very chapped, this soothing tube lip balm can help. Boiron Dermoplasmine® Lip Balm with Calendula is as indicated, based on Calendula, a plant that provides a soothing, repairing, nourishing and protective effect on dry, irritated, sensitive and chapped lips. This lip balm also forms a protective film to create a barrier effect and protect your lips from external aggressions such as cold, drying medications, make-up and wearing a mask.

Calendula Lip Balm Tube of 10 g

Calendula Lip Balm Tube of 10 g



La Roche Posay, a brand that needs no introduction, offers you Cicaplast, an innovative tube lip balm that not only soothes the lips but also the nose area. It helps regenerate the skin and deeply hydrate dry and damaged skin. The activity of the balm is due to the synthesis of panthenol and MP-LIPIDS, lipids that help completely repair the epidermal barrier and create a protective film on the lips and nose area. It hydrates the cells and simultaneously relieves dry and damaged skin.

Cicaplast lips tube 7.5ml

Cicaplast lips tube 7.5ml

La Roche-Posay


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