how to repair the damage of summer and avoid seasonal hair loss?

how to repair the damage of summer and avoid seasonal hair loss?

The colder and drier months are fast approaching. That means it’s time to rethink your hair routine so your hair stays healthy through fall and winter. When the summer season changes and the weather becomes cooler, several problems can appear, including dry scalp, increased moisture loss (dryness of hair), increased frizziness and annoying split ends. To help you nourish your mane, we’ve rounded up some of the best fall hair care tips and tricks.

autumn home hair care

1. Adopt a new haircut or precisely remove split ends

During the colder months, many women wish to grow their hair longer. However, split ends make it difficult as they often cause thinning and fraying. Unfortunately, once you have split ends, the only cure is to cut them off. And this must be done as soon as you notice them, otherwise they may continue to split further up the hair shaft. So consider fall the perfect time for a new on-trend haircut to undo the damage summer may have done to your locks.

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2. Change your shampoo and conditioner

Opt for Ayurvedic products and avoid chemicals. The first step to take care of your hair in the fall is to use a nourishing shampoo. This will restore strength to dry, brittle or damaged hair, in particular by the sun, sea salt but also chlorine from swimming pools.

3. Fall hair care: Use restorative hair masks

Hair masks are “SOS” treatments that support the hair fiber. This type of intense autumn hair care repairs strands thanks to a targeted formula, rich in nutritive active ingredients. The masks are generally used after the shampoo (and the conditioner). Apply to the lengths and ends (avoid the roots so as not to grease the hair), once or twice a week.

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4. Apply hair oils and lotions

Even if it is intensive care, oils or hair lotions are used differently from masks. Hair oil is applied after washing, on dry or damp hair. It allows you to both style the locks and give them structure, especially for curly hair. It also has a nourishing action on the ends. This type of nourishing and fortifying oil is ideal for boosting the mane during seasonal changes.

Hair lotion, on the other hand, is generally applied to the scalp. In the fall, you can use lotion to stimulate hair growth. It can also be an anti-dandruff and anti-irritation lotion, designed to soothe sensitive scalps.

Hair oil can be used after each wash, several times a week (2 to 3 times) if the hair is extremely dry. The same goes for lotions, which are used if necessary, several times a week.

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1. Don’t overheat your hair

Overheating the hair can cause many problems. Like broken strands, dandruff, dry and itchy scalp, etc. So you need to be very careful with your hair care routine. Just as hair is damaged when treated with hot water, overheating damages it too. The regular hair dryer is not a good option. It can strip the hairs natural moisture and make them dry all day. Instead, use a towel to lock in moisture.

2. Do a weekly hair spa

With the arrival of autumn, your scalp begins to weaken if it is not well treated. We therefore suggest that you treat your hair to a weekly spa. Proper care will help your locks get rid of frizz and give them a healthy, smooth texture.

If you don’t have time to go to the salon, you can easily do your spa at home. All you have to do:

  • Make a paste of aloe vera gel.
  • Mix it with essential oil, honey and lemon.
  • Apply it on the scalp.
  • Leave it on for 2-3 hours and wash it off.

how to avoid fall hair fall

1. Fall hair care: Massage

If you happen to lose your hair like a cat around this time, you should definitely pay attention to this last point of our fall hair care tips. Have your boar bristle brush, essential oil blend of your choice, and scalp massager ready and make sure to use it at least once every two or three days. A relaxing 10-15 minute massage will increase blood circulation to your scalp, accelerating new growth, and giving you healthier hair in the long run! Have no fear if your hair loss gets worse, because that hair is, in fact, ready to go and the sooner the better!

2. Take vitamins

Vitamins are a great way to nourish your body, but they’re also a great way to impact your hair. Vitamin A, vitamin C, biotin and iron are all nutrients that will help your mane look shinier and healthier.

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