11 sulfate-free treatments to try with your eyes closed to revitalize the hair fiber

11 sulfate-free treatments to try with your eyes closed to revitalize the hair fiber

Many shampoos contain sulfates. Sulfates are ingredients added to cosmetics and in particular to hair care for their cleansing properties but also and above all to make the product foam. We’re all guilty of loving the thick, white suds that form when we wash our hair. However, these additives, in the long term, are harmful because they are generally too aggressive, trap moisture, and fade the colorings more quickly. If thick hair manages not to be weakened, the most sensitive scalps can develop irritation…. To help you change and gradually improve your hair routine, here is a selection of sulfate-free hair products!

♦ We no longer need to introduce Maria Nila, the Swedish brand that all influencers love, especially because the treatments are vegan and MAGIC on hair health. The brand has developed a range called “Eco Therapy Revive”. The shampoo detoxifies and hydrates all hair types to remove styling products, residue and impurities from the hair. Its micellar technology gently cleanses the hair and removes product build-up without disturbing the hair’s natural balance. Thanks to its formulation based on nourishing Aloe Vera and Flax extract, which acts as a color protector, this shampoo can be used daily, without affecting the scalp or hair color.
Eco Revive Therapy Shampoo – MARIA NILA – 26,10€

♦ Did you know that even the hair is entitled to its day cream? It is the Phyto brand which, avant-garde, signed this nugget to pamper dry hair more than forty years ago! On the menu: seven traditional plants selected for their hydrating, protective and regenerating properties: Marshmallow, Sage, Calendula, Burdock, Willow, Soy, Rosemary. A sulphate-free formula core, which has remained intact since 1968. A must-have to bring the driest hair back to life.
Moisturizing day cream – PHYTO – €11.90

♦ Designed for damaged hair, this nourishing formula leaves strands shinier and softer.
Restorative shampoo – VIRTUE – 41€

♦ A perfect shampoo for normal to oily hair. Its natural formula is enriched with rosemary, an ingredient known for its stimulating properties and recognized effectiveness for hair regrowth and color maintenance. A true natural astringent, rosemary promotes hair and scalp regeneration and rebalances oily hair. This treatment is ideal for scalps prone to dandruff.
Rosemary shampoo – FAITH IN NATURE – 7€

♦ The moringa oil, hyaluronic acid and ceramides contained in this shampoo strengthen the hair so that it can withstand all kinds of treatments and styling requiring extreme heat. A perfect defense against everyday heating devices.
Repairing and rehydrating shampoo – KIEHL’S – 21€

♦ Fans of solid care will love this 100% natural, handcrafted solid shampoo, made with aloe vera, natural glycerin and castor oil, which provides a gentle wash for hair and body. It leaves the hair fiber hydrated, full of tone and vigor. Another nugget signed Christophe Robin, the Parisian colorist expert par excellence.
Solid moisturizing shampoo with Aloe Vera – CHRISTOPHE ROBIN – 16€

♦ Exotic and formidable, this formula based on argan oil from Morocco deeply nourishes and hydrates your hair, bringing it back to life and giving it softness and strength. It also protects your hair from damage caused by heated styling tools.
Argan oil shampoo – OGX – 9,99€

♦ A shampoo that contains natural foaming agents derived from coconut and enriched with organic aloe juice. It delicately moisturizes the hair, which regains suppleness and vitality. The Nat & Nove brand is indeed deeply committed to a positive approach for the well-being of your hair. All shampoos and treatments combine performance, naturalness and sensoriality.
Moisturizing shampoo – NAT & NOVE – 5,50€

♦ This shampoo with a vegan formula is easy to apply thanks to its soft and light foam. Delicately scented with coconut, it gently cleanses, strengthens and deeply nourishes the hair. It is ideal for normal & dull hair, thanks to its formula rich in aloe vera, it restores suppleness, hydration and shine. The handy pump bottle delivers the perfect dose of product.
Organic Birch Shine Shampoo – SANTE NATURKOSMETIK – €8.10 for 500ml

♦ Warning for very dry hair! This shampoo infused with six ultra-light oils (argan, coconut, macadamia, sweet almond, safflower and grapeseed) helps to soften, smooth, discipline, hydrate and protect dry to very dry hair.
Sulfate-free cleansing moisturizing shampoo – BUMBLE AND BUMBLE – 33€

A vegan treatment with monoi
The brand specializing in hair care with natural ingredients unveils a new range of care for extra-dry hair, in severe need of nutrition. The formulas are Vegan, purified of the superfluous since they do not contain sulfates, parabens, dyes or silicones.
> A creamy shampoo enriched with monoi oil and organic linseed oil. It is suitable for very dry hair but also for hair weakened by multiple colorings and highlights. Favorite for the sweet sunny scent of monoi, orange blossom and vanilla.
Care shampoo 0% sulphates – ENERGIE FRUIT – 5,50€

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