Do Paula’s Choice beauty products really work on the skin?

Do Paula's Choice beauty products really work on the skin?

It is the miracle product of social networks, the Skin Perfecting Solution 2% BHA Liquid Exfoliant went viral on TikTok and that’s what allowed the brand to take a big turn (she can be compared to the Kim Kardashian of the family). As usual, the beauty sphere wasted no time in getting their hands on a treatment that could revolutionize the condition of their skin. With its gentle exfoliation, this exfoliant then becomes the brand’s best-selling product. Paula’s Choice, which had already attracted a fairly loyal fan base since its inception in 1995. Today the hashtag #paulaschoice has more than 244 million views on TikTok (just that). Additionally, the videos are largely positive with before-and-afters that are almost too good to be true. Everyone knows that today it’s not easy to do well, especially when you’re a skincare brand and you’re not called Hailey Bieber. Generation Z is much more attracted to cute packaging and with more than present marketing. Which makes Paula’s Choice an exception to the rule. Its success is surprising, but that does mean one thing: its beauty products are up to expectations.

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Packaging has a very important role, however, consumers are more and more interested in Ingredients found in the products they apply to their face. Now well informed by social networks, there is no longer any question for the beautista to buy a moisturizer packed with active ingredients that will literally have no impact on the epidermis. Composition scandals frighten more and more the big companies, which is not the case Paula’s Choice which plays on transparency and honesty since its launch!

What makes the Paula’s Choice brand different from others?

The formulas are incredibly effective, keep their promises and offer more than impressive value for money. A very light amount is enough to have an optimal result. The brand follows this new way of consumption: less but better. No need to have thirty products when four or five can do the trick. In addition, the packaging of the products is environmentally conscious, a gesture that can only be applauded. If people were surprised by the success, the founder, Paula Bégon revealed to the magazine Byrdie that “Viral social media success has been a hallmark of Paula’s Choice since its launch”. The one who founded her brand on the truth has therefore succeeded in her challenge. She also makes a point of fighting all the endless myths and misleading information spawned by the beauty industry (good luck). In an atmosphere of minimal routine, here are the essential cosmetics of the brand: a gentle cleanser, the famous exfoliating lotion, a moisturizing cream and an SPF. Do not hesitate to add a little booster concentrated in vitamin C, retinol or niacinamide. The advice of the creator of the brand? The sooner you start taking care of your skin, the better. After all, there really isn’t a better time than the present.

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