How to make your dark circles disappear quickly?

How to make your dark circles disappear quickly?

Difficult to make disappear his dark circles! Especially when you want immediate effects. Whether eye patches are one of the smartest solutions to erase all traces of nights that are too short and that concealer serums aim for long-term results, there are other equally effective options. Among these: anti-fatigue sticks which act simultaneously on dark circles and puffiness. Very easy to use, just slide them under the eyes to quickly (and visibly) decongest the eyes. An SOS treatment, just like Biafine or Homéoplasmine to have in your kit, in times of rush and therefore fatigue.

14 anti-fatigue sticks to make dark circles disappear quickly

Seasonly anti-aging eye cream

Not only does this cream act on signs of fatigue but also on wrinkles and the formation of crow’s feet. Under the effect of the avocado extract contained in its composition, the skin is replumped day after day and the eyes gain in luminosity.

Seasonly – Anti-Aging Eye Cream


Seasonly via

Frosted hydration eye care by Dior

From the Hydra-Life range, this little stick with an icy texture, similar to an ice cube, instantly decongests the eye contour. As a bonus, its formula contains abyssinian oil which beautifies the eyelashes. Or all the elements for a more open, more radiant look.

Dior – Dior Hydra Life Frosted Hydration Eye Care

54 €

Dior via

Talika CBD eye calm roll-on

The star ingredient of this roll on? CBD. Based on the observation that stress dulls the eyes, Talika recently developed this cream whose hemp extract fights against external aggressions while CBD soothes the eye contour. The promise ? A smoothed look in 5 minutes flat.

Talika – Eye Calm Roll-on


Talika via

The revitalizing roll-on ice cream look by Payot

A splash of freshness that instantly invigorates the eye contour thanks to a cocktail of active ingredients with super-hydrating properties such as fig, watermelon or red algae extract.

Payot – Hydra 24+ Regard Ice Cube

31 €

Payot via

Embryolisse express anti-fatigue freshness treatment

Inside this stick in ultra-practical mini format: only 12 ingredients – including the aloe vera – which act simultaneously to soothe the dehydrated eye contour. Its effects on dark circles are so stunning that it is one of the flagship products used backstage at fashion shows. But it is also found in the bathroom of many personalities, starting with Kim Kardashian.

Embryolisse – Express refreshing eye care


Embryolisse via

Fenty Skin’s Flash Nap

The Flash Nap, or how to make your skincare routine a pure moment of relaxation and softness. Accompanied by a mini massage roller which immediately refreshes the skin, this stick gives the appearance ofa freshly rested look, even after a short night. Also a favorite for its delicious scent of tropical fruits.

Fenty Skin – Flash Nap

38 €

Fenty Skin via

Clarins Total Eye Revive

On the one hand, teasel extract fights the premature signs of skin aging caused by external aggressions (fatigue and stress in mind). On the other, it contains caffeine and horse chestnut escin with concealer properties and anti-puffiness. All of this is activated by a cold cryo-metallic tip that perfectly matches the contour of the eye.

Clarins – Total Eye Revive

51 €

Clarins via

Aqua Réotier frozen effect eye jelly from L’Occitane en Provence

True to the values ​​of the French brand, this frozen effect stick contains natural and virtuous ingredients, in accordance with its clean charter. It contains caffeine, hyaluronic acid and Réotier water which 1) awakens the eyes by eliminating dark circles, 2) help fight against dehydration wrinkles, 3) plump up the eye contour. The final recommendation? Place it in the refrigerator a few minutes before application for an even more decongestant effect.

L’Occitane en Provence – Aqua Réotier Frozen Effect Eye Jelly

24 €

L’Occitane in Provence

Polaar’s IcyMagic

Incorporating Siberian ginseng – a root that survives particularly well in extreme weather conditions – this roll on erases dark circles and puffiness in a flash in addition to improving eyelash growth.

Polaar – IcyMagic Instant Eye Refresher with Siberian Ginseng


Polaar via

Shiseido Energizing Eye Essence

Enriched with 93% ingredients of natural origin, this stick serum ensures a brighter look in just a few minutes. In addition, it acts durably over time to reduce dark circles thanks to a combo of vitamin C and citrus fruit from Yuzu.

Shiseido – YUZU-C Energizing Eye Essence

34 €

Shiseido via

The Optim-Eye [Refresh] by Filorga

To be unsheathed at the slightest sign of fatigue, this clever stick has an ultra-refreshing frosty texture that tones the eyes and immediately smoothes the skin. In terms of composition, its complex includes a marine extract combined withhyaluronic acid which invigorates the eye contour while deeply moisturizing it.

Filorga – Optim Eyes [Refresh]


Filorga via

On The Wild Side Eye Balm

A real little bomb composed of 100% natural ingredients including cornflower hydrosol which reduces the formation of dark circles but also birch sap, renowned for its moisturizing properties. The results are immediate: the skin is smoother, brighter and eyes instantly awake.

On the wild side – Eye Contour Balm


On The Wild Side via

Dermalogica Stress Positive Eye Lift

Recommended for skin marked by fatigue and stress, this hyaluronic acid-based treatment kills two birds with one stone since it reduces both puffiness and dark circles but also wrinkles.

Dermalogica – Stress Positive Eye Lift

69 €

Dermalogica via

Roll on frosted with blueberry floral water by Melvita

It is in cornflower floral water that this roll-on (the results of which are multiplied if it is placed in the refrigerator for a few minutes before using it) draws its multiple virtues: known for its decongestant properties, the active reduced botany signs of fatigue the most visible.

Melvita – Frosted roll on eye contour with organic cornflower


Melvita via

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