10 secrets of Brazilian women for dream hair

10 secrets of Brazilian women for dream hair

It’s well known that Brazilian women pamper their hair every day. Conditioners, hair masks, leave-in conditioners, balms and detanglers are some of their favorite products. Nothing too beautiful (and expensive) for their hair, well aware of this beauty capital, symbol of their femininity.

Know that many of their tricks are easy to adopt if you want to get dream hair worthy of a Brazilian.

Here are 10 tips straight from Brazil to enjoy head-turning hair.

1. Consider the importance of care

Brazilian women take much longer to care for their hair than to style it. Knowing that healthy hair requires a lot of care and love, they focus on hair treatments, putting aside heated styling tools. If they must use them, only occasionally, they carefully spray heat protectant on their hair.

2. Have the right tools

For example, gently blotting our hair with a microfiber towel or an old cotton sweater will limit the damage. Above all, do not rub your hair, because when wet, it becomes even more fragile. Opting for a silk or satin pillowcase is also a good move, as is tossing out our old, classic rubber bands that cause a lot of damage and turning to a fabric rubber band as a scrunchie.

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3. Vary treatments

In Brazilian culture, the hair is nourished with a different treatment with each wash so as not to overload the hair with the same active ingredient, which would thus become ineffective, because it is overused. After the shampoo and before the conditioner, they alternate several hair masks chosen according to specific needs. Some even go so far as to keep a calendar indicating the different ingredients needed for each cleaning!

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4. Use the right technique to detangle your hair

In order to prevent the appearance of small unwanted knots that can lead to breakage, we do not forget to detangle our dry hair before washing it. By adding a little coconut oil or a good detangling product when brushing, the process will be easier and our hair will be much easier to detangle. On a damp mane, the wide-toothed comb is in order.

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5. Become a fan of oils

The must of Brazilians: coconut oil! It is said to be moisturizing, revitalizing and even protective of the hair fibers against UV rays. This favorite treatment is also used by the vast majority of women and girls in Brazil, regardless of their age. They also advocate products enriched with shea butter, argan oil and jojoba.

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6. Cut our hair during the correct lunar phase

We all know that by cutting the ends, the hair, being stronger and more resistant, grows back faster. But among Brazilians, there is no question of cutting at the wrong time, because each moon has its benefits. For its part, the new moon would strengthen damaged hair while the crescent would accelerate growth and improve shine. The half-moon would be perfect for softening thick, curly hair. If you want more volume, you should favor the full moon. Myth or reality? We lose nothing by trying!

7. Use saline solution or saline solution

This serum, used to clean the nose and eyes of children, is used by Brazilian women to improve the softness and shine of hair. One of the ways to use it is to mix 500ml of water and add 50ml of saline to it. Thereafter, we must spray our hair and above all, do not rinse.

8. Turn to Brazilian straightening

Brazilian women, not in favor of hot plates, love this gentle and natural straightening method. Brazilian keratin straightening relaxes the hair fiber without damaging it, makes the hair shiny and helps tame it. It gives incredible results on curly, wavy, colored and highlighted hair.

9. Embrace Velaterapia

This rather laborious ancestral practice consists of using a candle to take care of split ends. Thus, they are burned thanks to a flame passed delicately and attentively over each of the wicks that we will have taken care to roll up on themselves to bring out the rebellious points. Brazilian women swear by this technique, which does not shorten their hair by only attacking the small forks that stand out. Allegedly the technique is easier than we think!

10. Choose the right shampoo

Oily hair seeks the purity and lightness of an astringent shampoo with an active ingredient such as Pitanga. For normal hair, it will be necessary to bet on the shine that Maracuja oil gives.

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If your hair is dry or damaged, the nourishing side of Murumuru Butter will help greatly while dull, color-treated hair will be well served with Buriti.

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