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Ma routine soin : Teint frais et lumineux en 5 minutes

I’ve made some great discoveries in terms of cosmetics recently. Treatments that have been with me since the start of the school year and I must say that I have seen a real change in my complexion, which I find more luminous. Here is my skincare routine of the moment around a selection of products tested and validated by my demanding skin.

The treatments that we use help to take care of our skin BUT combined with a healthy lifestyle, they are all the more effective. Anyway, for me it works pretty well. For many months, I focus on well-being in the body and in the head: eat a balanced diet, cut out sugar, drink lots of water, calm my emotions, put things into perspective… Of course, there are days, even weeks when it’s difficult, but I try to stay the course, without judging myself, by simply taking care of myself.

My current skincare routine in 5 minutes flat

9:30 p.m. Right on time for me to start my skincare routine with my favorite products of the moment. It must be said that at the end of the summer, my skin was completely thirsty, at the same time, when you see the heat it made, not to mention the humidity level, nothing surprising! Even more for my sensitive to reactive skin.

Gentle make-up removal with organic oils Melvita

Removing my make-up was not always easy because the products I used were always too harsh for my skin. But since I discovered cleansing oils, what a pleasure! And among the ones I liked the most, there is the “White Nectar” radiance oil and more recently the ” source of roses by Melvita.

White Nectar Cleansing Oil

I admit to having a small preference for the “White Nectar” version which I found divine. It is fluid, quite fine, very pleasant to work on the skin. And even more, it is super effective whether on foundation or on waterproof mascaras. Its little extra: in contact with water, it turns into a delicate milk, like a caress on the skin. As for her smell, she’s crazy.

I also like the “Source de roses” version recently offered by Melvita, but I am less sensitive to its texture, which I find thicker. As for its smell of rose, I confess to being conquered. I find that the products offered by Melvita have scents close to reality. And that’s what has made me particularly appreciate the brand for many years now.

Côté Compo’: blend of 2 gourmet oils, organic castor oil and organic jojoba. They are certified organic, vegan and made in France.

Find all Melvita products on Marionnaud.

Gently cleansing my skin with Clarins

I am one of those who do a double cleanse to get rid of all impurities from my skin. Right now, I’m using Clarins’ Gentle Foaming Cleanser which I find great for my sensitive skin. It’s funny because it is more recommended for combination to oily skin, which is absolutely not my case. Either way, my skin loves it, it’s unified and that’s what I expect from a good face wash.

Clarins Gentle Purifying Foaming Cleanser

I hydrate my skin deeply

I admit it, I have times when I tend to downplay the importance of moisturizing my skin. And it makes me damn pay with redness, dilated pores or some impurities. Since using this new moisturizing care routine, my skin is unified, redness is almost reduced and my complexion is much brighter when I wake up.

The Source of Roses by Melvita

And to hydrate my skin deeply, I chose the new range of Melvita, the “Source of Roses”. And in particular the “plumping moisturizing fluid” which I find brilliant. It is supposed to firm the skin, shape it and play a role in skin aging. I completely approve! This fluid is a marvel, it deeply hydrates as it penetrates instantly. Once deposited on the skin, you don’t feel it, it’s incredible. As for fine lines, I’ve seen a marked improvement, but maybe that’s thanks to the product I’m using for the eyes at the moment; in the meantime, this duo is working miracles on my skin.

Skincare routine
Source of Roses – Melvita – Skincare routine

On the composition side: no surprises, the cream is vegan, formulated with 99% ingredients of natural origin.

Focus on the Source de Roses range

I wanted to make a parenthesis by presenting you 2 other products from the same range that I also appreciate. There is in particular the “fresh eye contour gel” that I use mainly in the morning. I find that it has a decongestant side, super pleasant after a good night’s sleep. Its texture is soft, it penetrates easily.

The Source de Roses range

And finally, the BB cream which is phe-no-me-nal! It’s very simple, I can’t do without it. It has an irreproachable composition, its formula is perfect for my skin. It has two different shades, clear and golden. I use the light shade, put it on my face, wait 10 seconds and my complexion is completely unified. The icing on the cake, it doesn’t dry out the skin, unlike other BB creams I’ve tried that tended to dry out the bridges of my nose.

care routine
BB creams

I take care of my eyes and eyelashes

Even if genetics decided that I would have wrinkles later (thanks mom), I have to have some fine lines from dehydration. I don’t know why, but I always skipped the eye contour step. Maybe because I never had dark circles. Anyway, since I got into it, I couldn’t live without it.

care routine
My skincare routine with Lancôme

And the product that convinced me the most is the “Généfique Eyes Light-Peal” from Lancôme. At first, I didn’t really believe in it, and then I decided to stick with it. And I did well ! My eyelashes, let’s talk about my eyelashes, they are incredible, it’s very simple, they have become long and robust. Frankly, I saw the difference after 2 weeks. I use the super innovative applicator which allows a soft and fresh application under the eyes. I massage several seconds and voila. I strongly advise you to try it!

I hope my skincare routine will be able to inspire you. Do not hesitate to tell me in the comments if you already know them, if you like them or if you want to test them. And if you have any favorite skincare products, don’t hesitate to share them with other readers.

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