Here’s how to treat hyperpigmentation caused by the sun this summer!

Here's how to treat hyperpigmentation caused by the sun this summer!

Discover without delay our essential facial care to manage the after-sun! Try it out before fall!

Hyperpigmentation may be due toSun exposure, scars, ageing, etc. Many harmless dark spots.

However, if you want to reduce their appearance, you can usually do so using topical treatments. And to do this, we have prepared just for you several face care tips to eliminate sun damage as quickly as possible. We take stock in this article!

Face care: What are the causes of hyperpigmentation?

the Sun is the primary cause of skin hyperpigmentation. A protection Effective sunscreen is therefore the most important step you can take to prevent it. Protect your skin so that it keeps its uniform and radiant appearance by opting for an optimized facial treatment! Especially if the sunburn was very striking!

Hyperpigmentation presents as dark patches or spots on the skin which gives it this uneven appearance. These dark shades are known as sun spots. It is also central to skin conditions such as post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. Generally, these marks appear on areas of the skin that are regularly exposed to the sun. Namely the face and the hands! Fortunately, certain facial treatments can help us fight them!

Furthermore, hyperpigmentation is caused by an increase in melanin production. As a reminder, it is a natural pigment which gives its color to our skin, our hair and our eyes. This increased production is triggered by a variety of factors. Namely, exposure to the sun, age, hormonal disorders and injuries or inflammation of the skin.

Also be aware that excessive exposure may disrupt this process and lead to hyperpigmentation. And to remedy this problem, it is necessary to appeal to the virtues of a facial treatment. Whether using natural or industrialized products!

How can we protect our skin from hyperpigmentation?

Face Care: Daily use of a broad-spectrum sunscreen can help prevent hyperpigmentation. Whatever the natural color of your skin, the sunscreen is the most important action you can take in the first place.

Indeed, it is important to remember that the sun’s rays affect the skin. And even on cloudy days. That said, treat yourself to the facial care you need. So be sure to apply the product well and reapply if necessary.

Limiting the skin’s exposure to the sun will also help reduce instances of hyperpigmentation. Try not to expose yourself to the sun during its most intense hours. Also remember to wear protective clothing. This includes sun hats and goggles, whenever possible. Yes, these are more devices to take other than facial care. But they are very practical and essential!

When it comes to facial care, the most important step is cleaning! Indeed, heaps of dirt and impurities can accumulate on your skin. This can, for example, be excess sebum, leftover make-up or Solar cream ! Be sure to rinse your face every night before you go to bed! This will allow the cells to regenerate. To do this, it should be noted that the use of aggressive products is not recommended. Opt instead for cleansing jellies or make-up remover milks!

Face care: Why use depigmenting active ingredients?

To combat the problems of returning from vacation, dermatologists recommend the use of depigmenting active ingredients. Namely niacinamide, alpha arbutin, tranexamic acid or even exfoliating acids! According to face care experts, these are very effective in removing sun spots. If these persist, the best way to get rid of them is to consult a specialized dermatologist.

Also, be aware that salicylic acid products can help you find your complexion. And this, by unclogging the pores! Also, skincare experts suggest applying a light concentration if you have sensitive skin. An application of 3 evenings a week would do the trick!

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