MAB “Mohtaraf Anachar Basbous”: a new space full of beauty, hope and love

MAB “Mohtaraf Anachar Basbous”: a new space full of beauty, hope and love

Beirut, Monday September 26, 2022: After two years of work, the sculptor Anachar Basbous inaugurated the MAB “Mohtaraf Anachar Basbous”located in the village of Rachana, in the caza of Batroun in North Lebanon, on a stretch of land overlooking the sea.

More than 50 works created between 2017 and 2022 are installed in the space of the MAB Anachar Basbous. They were created with different materials including corten steel, steel, stainless steel, marble, wood, aluminum, basalt and concrete.

Anachar Basbous’ first contact with sculpture was from his childhood, thanks to the influence of his father, the great sculptor Michel Basbous, and his mother, the writer and poet Thérèse Aouad. His first sculpture was made in his father’s studio when he was ten years old, and is now on display at the MAB Anachar Basbous.

Anachar used his gifts to preserve his family’s legacy, and the way Rachana is reflected in the artist’s art can be seen more clearly in the finer details.

He had bought a piece of land in front of his house in Rachana. A land that overlooks the sea that stands out for two very characteristic elements of the villages of its region; The first, the “baydar”, a flat space, located in a very windy place. At harvest time, wheat and oat seeds were separated at this precise location, chosen with great care.

The second element is the “rejmeh”, a large embankment formed of small stones that the peasants picked up and piled up in one place, thus freeing up the majority of their land for planting.

The decision to build the MAB Anachar Basbous on his land was taken quite quickly. Anachar and the architect Jawdat Arnouk decided to build a monolithic building in raw concrete, embedded in the ground on the east side and which extends to the west in a cantilever, soaring towards the sea.

the MAB Anachar Basbous presents itself as more than just a collection of sculptures; it is also a narrative experience, a story of Anachar Basbous’ journey and work, and a tribute to Anachar’s mother and father.

In homage to his parents, a room was created with a glazed opening in the ceiling that reflects on the sky and lets in overhead light. On the table in this room is a bronze sculpture made by Michel Basbous in 1954.

According to Anachar Basbous, the predominant theme of the MAB is the idea of ​​a time machine. It will be an opportunity for the public to travel back in time and explore both the field of modern art and the past with the same insatiable curiosity that drives them to travel constantly to new places around the world.

“I believe the space will captivate its audience in a way that allows them to feel a sense of connection to the past through their sense of smell, the earth beneath their feet, and the emotions felt towards the older generation.”

In his work, Anachar Basbous sculpts geometric shapes and integrates them to construct an architectural form that establishes a conversation with its surroundings and interacts with sunlight.

Before pursuing studies in art, Anachar Basbous studied architecture, and this aspect is evident in his work, especially in his most recent exhibitions.

His sculptures, which are assembled from different elements, give the impression of moving through space while raising questions about dichotomies such as gravity and magnetism, and the relationship between body and soul.

His finely crafted works include ‘Météorite’, which was featured in Artcurial Monaco’s exhibition in the Principality’s gardens, alongside a collection of sculptures by renowned artists of the 20th and 21st centuries.

His works have also been acquired by the Institut du monde arabe in Paris and Christie’s London.

His sculptures can be found in public and private collections across Lebanon and the rest of the world (Canada, France, Jordan, Kuwait, Qatar, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, United States of America, Kingdom United Arab Emirates), including museums, hotels, private homes and gardens.

Visits by appointment only: +961 3 741 310

Facebook: Anachar Basbous

Instagram: @anachar_basbous


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