this moisturizer for less than 3 euros is one of her favorite products

this moisturizer for less than 3 euros is one of her favorite products


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Kate Middleton doesn’t just use expensive beauty products. The proof, we find a moisturizer at a mini price, from a very well-known brand, in her vanity.

The beauty routines of the British royal family fascinate and that of Kate Middleton, who always appears with a sublime skin texture and an elegant hairstyle, even more. Contrary to popular belief, we do not only find luxury beauty products among make-up, care, perfumes and others. favorite products of the royal family. If Queen Elizabeth II used nail polish for less than 10 euros, the new Princess of Wales is a fan of a well-known mini-price moisturizer: the famous Nivea cream nestled in a small blue box.

It is the dermatologist Mehmet Göker, who works for a Turkish clinic called Vera Clinic, who sifted through the list of treatments used by Kate and who says: “Kate swears by Nivea Moisturizer as her day cream and uses more expensive serums and masks to complement that” as reported Miss Figaro. Available less than 3 euros in many supermarketsit’s a very practical inexpensive treatment that we can all afford, whatever our beauty budget.

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Kate Middleton, her Nivea cream is a cult moisturizer

This care universal and multi-purpose moisturizer it’s nothing new. Created in 1911 by Nivea, it is a nourishing product known to be very effective on dry skin in search of comfort. It is suitable for the whole family and applies to both on face and body depending on the needs. The secret of its highly nourishing formula? It contains mineral oils and waxes, which gives the cream a thick, film-forming texture that acts like an SOS ointment.

It is also the first stable “water-in-oil” formula in the history of cosmetics. It also incorporates Eucerit (a star active ingredient in skincare) which is a lanolin alcohol, a moisturizing substance close to human sebum that is extracted from sheep’s wool and which is extremely effective in moisturizing the skin. More than a face and body cream, it’s a all-purpose cream that can be used as a face mask, as a make-up remover balm, as a treatment to avoid stretch marks, or even, and this is less known, as a treatment to moisturize the hair and fight against electric hair.

Suffice to say that as a mother of 3 children and crowned head who is often traveling, Kate Middleton has found a product that can accompany her everywhere and serve her in many ways!

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