What are the organic cosmetic brands used by the stars?

What are the organic cosmetic brands used by the stars?

In this article, discover the beauty products used by celebrities to have a radiant and radiant complexion! The details !

Majority of the stars are known for their amazing looks which are always on trend. But if there’s another detail that never goes unnoticed, it’s definitely their radiant, blemish-free face! And to achieve these results, there is no magic.

The only healthy and effective way to do this is to follow a good routine. While betting on typically “organic” beauty products. Then discover without further delay the brands of natural cosmetics adopted by celebrities!

Here are the beauty products used by DALS candidates!

Dance with the stars is certainly one of those shows that record a good number of audience with each broadcast! As the name suggests, it is a dance competition in which stars as well as professional dancers take center stage to deliver outstanding performances. For the occasion, these participants must take care of their appearance! But what are the beauty products they use?

As for the candidates of DALS, the make-up staff decided to opt for the beauty products sold by the “Couleur Caramel” brand! This is a brand specializing in the sale of cosmetic items ” organic “. Like what, the production house wants these participants to benefit from the best care possible! And besides, this investment seems to be working!

As we have presented to you, Couleur Caramel is a major organic and natural make-up brand. Respecting the environment, this firm is also committed to taking care of its customers! On the professional side, there is absolutely nothing to say. In addition, it is important to note that the beauty products sold by this brand are all certified 95% “Cosmos Bio” by Ecocert!

Do not hesitate to consult the Couleur Caramel catalog. Or even better, you can go directly to their shops! The brand offers you thelots of choice on a whole bunch of beauty products that swear by their effectiveness. There’s nothing like taking care of your skin as the winter season approaches.

Marion Cotillard, Clémence Poésy… what treatments do they adopt?

Marion Cotillard is one of those personalities who stands out because of her luminous complexion ! And guess what, the young lady seems to be committed to using natural beauty products as well. Especially since the star is fighting back and is enthusiastic about the idea of fight for the protection of the environment. But what is the cosmetic brand to which she leans?

Marion Cotillard did not hesitate to answer this question during the many interviews she had given. As it seems, the personality seems to be a loyal customer of the “Pomarium” brand. This is a French brand whose beauty products are mainly based on fruits from the orchard! Effective, fast and beneficial, these marvels are amazing for unequivocal care.

The list of celebrities who opt for organic beauty products to take care of their skin continues with Clémence Poésy. The latter is a true lover of cosmetic care. Proof that she repeatedly cites the “Doux Me” and “Weleda” brand. Loyal customers of these two big firms, the star seems to benefit from their advantages!

As for “Doux Me”, it is an English brand that was created in 2002. Like the Couleur Caramel brand, it is also Ecocert certified! To moisturize her lips, the star claimed to enjoy the benefits of beauty products from ” Weleda ! Clémence Poésy also doesn’t hesitate to use “David Mallet” shampoos to make her hair look fuller and more radiant!

Beauty products: These organic brands that are popular with the stars!

“Burt’s Bees” brand beauty products are a favorite of Julianne Moore. Moreover, it would seem that the American actress even collaborated with the brand for her “Natural Seal” project. In short, keep the suppleness and elasticity of your skin by opting for organic skincare products without endocrine disruptors! Its very important !

Claire Keim is also one of those personalities involved in the use of natural beauty products. To take care of the appearance of her face, the actress takes advantage of the advantages offered by organic brands such as “Cattier” or “Weleda”. The star also loves moisturizing creams from Sanoflore. These seem to be very effective for optimal hydration! “Aleppo” bread is also included in its must-haves to cleanse your skin thoroughly!

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