Shanna Kress nostalgic for her body before: she shares a striking before / after

Shanna Kress nostalgic for her body before: she shares a striking before / after

Shanna Kress, nostalgic? This Wednesday, September 28, Jonathan Matijas’ companion shared a photo in her Instagram story on which she made a collage of her body before and after pregnancy.

In a few weeks, Shanna Kress will welcome her first baby, fruit of her relationship with Jonathan Matijas. Unfortunately for the former reality TV candidate, the first months of pregnancy were rather complicated, since the young woman lost one of the two babies. A tragic accident, which had greatly affected the morale of the former wife of Thibault Garcia. At the end of August, Alizée Cress’ sister went from disillusion to disillusion, since she was forced by the medical profession to spend the rest of her pregnancy lying down from evening to morning. “We weren’t expecting that at all when going to the monthly meeting. It’s going to be hard for her to do nothing. And it’s going to be hard for me to do everything”had confided Jonathan Matijas in his story Instagram, sad to see his companion bedridden.

On September 1, Shanna Kress had provoked the lightning of internet users by filming herself standing up for a good part of the afternoon. “My family came, I sat down a little bit at the table, I spend from morning to night in my bed. You don’t know the ins and outs of what I should doit’s hard enough as it is (…)”had declared the pretty brunette, who hates being told what to do.

Shanna Kress pregnant, she shares a photo before / after

On Sunday, May 1, 2022, Shanna Kress and Jonathan Matijas announced on Instagram that they were going become parents for the first time. An announcement celebrated with great fanfare by the couple, who had plunged the Web into turmoil. Four months later, the pretty brunette took over her Instagram story, as she does daily, so that her community can follow the stages of this difficult pregnancy. And this Wednesday, September 28, the young woman shared a photo that plunged the singer into spleen. Very sporty in nature, former participant of Marseilles, has always taken care of his body. But, for a few months, she has not been able to go to the gym, pregnancy requires. In her Instagram Story, Shanna Kress shared a before/after photo of her figure with her followers. And the least we can say is that the reality TV candidate is not kind to herself.

“Look at the beads!”, she began by saying in a short video. Then, a few stories later, the companion of Jonathan Matijas shared the conversation she had with a subscriber on Snapchat. “You took fat Shanno the barrel” wrote a user. Lucid, Shanna Kress answered him this: “I am aware that I have gained fat, I can no longer get up. To motivate herself, the young woman had the idea of ​​sharing a photo of her before her pregnancy. “Where are you Shanna Kress?!”, wondered the future mother who has only one desire: find his body of yesteryear. Patience !


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