A healthy and (literally) gourmet beauty routine


Designed in Normandy, Blancrème cosmetics break the codes by drawing inspiration from the world of delicatessen. All formulas come straight from our culinary heritage. Thus, unique textures, flavors and colors are present, all in bottles respecting the tradition and elegance of French delicatessen: jar of jam, bottle of olive oil, shaped soap of madeleine and mini-bottle of milk!

Treatments as beautiful as they are good

By respecting an ecological approach and the seasonality of the ingredients, Blancrème aims to create skincare products that are as beautiful as they are good for the planet and for your skin. Like a gourmet restaurant, recipes with original flavors have been designed to delight your senses.

Coconut & lychee, grapefruit & basil, peach & apricot, green tea & verbena, vanilla & tonka, cotton candy… You’re not dreaming, these unique combinations of ingredients will delight, not your taste buds, but your skin! Blancrème shows us in the best possible way that ecological commitment rhymes with pleasure.

Healthy glow recipe

For a fresh complexion and hydrated skin, Blancrème has developed a simple and playful beauty routine based on your skin problems. First, remove make-up and cleanse your skin using products with unique textures: milk, jelly, oil and micellar water, the choice is yours! Then, we treat by applying a serum. Blancrème has developed a range of three serums to suit all skin types: antioxidant serum, radiance serum and purifying serum. Finally, moisturize with the moisturizing whipped cream or the detoxifying & mattifying cream.

The various scrubs and face masks perfectly complement this daily routine for a weekly reset!

Recipe for a sparkling body

Blancrème is an invitation to create a real break of well-being. Taking care of your skin and your body has never been so pleasant. Like a good meal that you take the time to savor, Blancrème cosmetic products encourage you to pamper your body from the outside.

The daily shower becomes an opportunity to savor a gourmet and sensory break thanks to foaming creams, shower granitas, shower gels, milky bath and soaps including the combination of olive oil, coconut oil and argan oil cleanses without drying.

For its part, the body scrub, a favorite product of Blancrème customers, gently exfoliates for a refined skin texture. Presented in its jam jar, it perfectly embodies the combination of the worlds of delicatessen and cosmetics.

Body hydration comes in many textures straight out of a grandmother’s recipe book: melting creams, sorbets, milks and oils that deeply nourish the skin.

Recipes that protect consumers while respecting the environment

Because having access to care that respects consumers and the planet should not be complicated, all Blancrème formulas are made in France and packaged in Normandy from ingredients of natural origin (crushed fruits and plant extracts) minimum height of 95%.

In order to have a positive impact on the environment, Blancrème respects a list of commitments: the total absence of controversial substances in its products (parabens and sulphates have been excluded), the establishment of a reasoned production (just quantity to avoid waste), plastic containers are 100% recyclable and include recycled plastic, cardboard boxes come from sustainably managed forests.

Finally, to combine business with pleasure, all glass containers with sober and elegant lines can be reused over and over again.

To discover their different ranges, many beauty boxes are available on their site and thanks to the code BCBIBA, Blancrème offers you a 10% discount on their entire online store: https://www.blancreme.com. Treat yourself !

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