Cardi B swears by onion water to take care of her hair, and we’re one step closer to testing it!

Cardi B swears by onion water to take care of her hair, and we're one step closer to testing it!

Onion water would strengthen the hair, make it shine and soothe scalp irritation.

L’onion water will it one day replace therice water on our hair (and in our hearts)? If it is surprising, this trick acclaimed by the rapper Cardi B as a “homemade” treatment to enhance her long hair, is nothing out of the ordinary. Indeed, the onion would be full of benefits for the scalp and for the lengths. We explain to you.

“The last two times I washed my hair, I boiled onions in water which I then used to rinse my hair. I was doing this six years ago when I started wanting to regrow my hair, but I stopped out of laziness. It doesn’t smell and it makes the hair shiny. »

What are the benefits of onion water for hair?

L’onion water is rich in nutrients which, on paper, are very good for hair and skin health: it contains antioxidants and vitamins, but it is also anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial, which would have the benefit of promote growth but also rebalance the scalp, soothe itching and eliminate dandruff.

Despite everything, it is important to keep in mind that, even if its followers are convinced of its benefits, the effects of onion on the hair have been little studied.

Dermatologist Jodi LoGerfo explains to the magazine Byrdie :

There was a small study published in the Journal of Dermatology which tested onion juice as a treatment for alopecia areata. She concluded that onion juice was effective in inducing hair growth, but the mechanism by which it worked was unclear. The downside was that the study contained a very small number of participants.

At best, the hair gains shine, strength and precious millimeters, and at worst… nothing at all! Apart from perhaps a slight smell of pissaladière that would follow us on our trail…

How to make onion water for hair?

To create your onion water at home, there are several possibilities. That of Cardi B, which consists of boil onion wedges (yellow or red, it doesn’t matter) then to recover the infused cooking water, is the simplest, but there are others.

Some people grate the onion (or pass it through a blender) then squeeze the pulp in a colander, placed over a bowl, to collect the juice which they then dilute in a volume of water, and others let the bulb infuse all the night in a jar of Château-La-Pompe.

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How to use onion water for hair?

The precious liquid, which can be kept for up to five days in the refrigerator, can be used as pre-shampoo treatment for the scalp or as rinse waterbut it can also be used to customize your usual shampoo by mixing a tablespoon of onion water with a dab of hair product, just before washing your hair.

As Dr. LoGerfo explains to the magazine Byrdie, the real challenge is not to succeed in applying it correctly, but rather to support the smell ! Adding lemon juice, rose water, or apple cider vinegar can help mask the powerful scent of the herb, while promoting a healthy scalp. A few drops of essential oils cineole rosemary (prohibited during pregnancy and breastfeeding), true lavender or ylang ylang III can also be considered to limit onion scents.

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