Pink October: sophrology and breast cancer

Pink October: sophrology and breast cancer

Sophrology: what does it bring to women suffering from breast cancer?

“Sophrology represents a myriad of virtues for women who suffer from breast cancer, andexplains Clémentine Joachim, sophrologist working with the Bouches-du-Rhone Cancer League. It is, above all, an invitation to take time for yourself. The medical journey experienced by a woman suffering from breast cancer, and more generally all people with any kind of cancer, is often heavy, long and tiring. The mere fact of giving yourself a moment of well-being by learning to listen attentively to your body and its feelings constitutes in itself a significant first benefit. »

Sophrology is a support care that you have to think about in order to try to live your illness as well as possible.

In several ways explained by Clémentine Joachim, sophrologist involved in the League against cancer of Bouches-du-Rhone.

Breast cancer and breathing and muscle relaxation exercises

They allow patients toevacuate tensionthem pains and the fatigue related to treatment and adverse side effects. These exercises promote relaxation and recoveryboth physical and mental, sophrology being a psychocorporal method which apprehends the individual as a whole: his physical, mental and emotional sensations.

Breast cancer and mental suggestion exercises

The exercises of this support care that is sophrology allow patients suffering from breast cancer to promote the effects of treatments. How ? The brain makes little or no difference between an imagined situation and an experienced situation. Therefore, the fact of imagining, during a visualization exercise, the positive effects of treatments destroying malignant cells and leaving room for the renewal of healthy cells optimizes the effects of treatments and ultimately promotes the improvement and strengthening of metabolism in disease. Women thus develop their fighting spirit, a necessary capacity on the often long and exhausting road to recovery.

Sophrology: a support treatment to regain self-esteem

“Sophrology allows patients suffering from breast cancer to develop self-esteem, which tends to be weakened during the disease.explains the sophrologist. Weight gain or loss, hair loss, body asymmetry following a mastectomy affect femininity and upset self-confidence. »

The practice of sophrology allows women suffering from breast cancer to refocus and become aware of all the strengths and resources they have within them, and which sometimes they do not even imagine!

The sessions of sophrologyas support care, allow patients suffering from breast cancer to deploy this infinite potential that lies dormant within them, to fight against the disease and become the main actors in this fight, while regaining self-confidence.

As interesting and useful as it is in the fight against disease, sophrology must always complement medical monitoring. It adds to it but does not replace it.

And now, on to the screening!

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