the new baby collection –

the new baby collection -

In writing, we discovered a brand new brand of care for your baby. Today we are talking about Umaï, a company respectful of our environment which has created its range of natural cosmetic products. We thus present their brand new Umaï Baby collection which today consists of 3 products. But first a bit of history on Umaï!

Umaï, natural and ecological cosmetics

Umaï is the meeting of Angéline, Célia, Emeric and Sara: from research in the field of natural cosmetics, engineers, but also specialists in sustainable development, they share the same passion: that of nature and the great outdoors. .

Lovers of our environment, they have seen it gradually transform. It was unthinkable for them to continue to let it deteriorate without reacting. They then decided to bring together their expertise in cosmetics, with their values ​​and their commitments, to make things happen.

Sustainable development is at the heart of their work and of UMAÏ’s philosophy. They believe that it is possible to offer quality organic and natural cosmetics that are pleasant to use and respect the environment. This is the whole philosophy of Umaï.

Umaï then offers cosmetics for the skin and hair and recently for babies! Come on, let’s introduce you to their baby collection this time!

The Gaspard birth box (86€)

So already Gaspard, who is it in the story?

The Gaspard cub is the emblem of the Umaï Baby range. He lives in the undergrowth with his family. He loves nature and wants to become later “savior of the planet“. A budding green future who will take care of our planet!

In this collection, you can either choose the products separately or choose the birth box which consists of the Sous bois kit, the Gaspard glove and the Gaspard cleansing care. We tell you about each product.

Gaspard gentle cleansing care – 50 gr – 19€

The cleansing care is in the shape of a little fox (Gaspard of course). You can use it both to gently wash baby’s hair and skin, from the moment your little one is born. It is therefore a 2 in 1 treatment, practical!

With this gentle cleansing care, you can easily do more than 50 washes! The advantage is also that its pH is neutral, so it is perfectly suited to baby’s sensitive skin.

In terms of the smell, it is to die for! It is composed of Gascony plum butter and sweet almond oil (and I think that’s what makes you succumb to this cleansing treatment). We almost want to eat it (but no!).

You can use it with or without a glove (Gaspard of course). Its creamy foam will delight you, that’s for sure.

The Gaspard glove – 22€

It was created to entertain baby during bath time. And to entertain him, he does his job well! With its little fox’s head and its pretty colors in autumn tones, you can’t help but fall for it! It makes it easier to apply the Gaspard gentle cleansing care.

The Gaspard glove has been made from GOTS certified organic cotton (this means that the glove has been made with respect for people and the environment throughout the production chain, from the seed sown to the finished product.)

It measures approximately 20 cm by 12 cm (not counting the ears). And above all, it can be machine washed at 40°.

This Gaspard glove is really cute, we love it and baby loves taking a bath with it. I even think they tell stories to each other!

Pass the glove under lukewarm water, then lather the Gaspard gentle cleansing care on the back of the glove. Using circular movements, gently clean baby’s hair and skin!

The undergrowth kit – 42€

The undergrowth kit is really too pretty. With its pretty patterns in autumnal tones (leaves, mushrooms, herbs), we find ourselves directly on a trip to the forest with Gaspard.

She is in cotton gauze. Its dimensions of 19cm x 9cm X 9cm make it a perfect case to carry all your baby’s necessities! Medication or baby care, you are free to put whatever you want in it!

In addition, it is very soft and padded to perfection and will therefore protect everything inside during your transport.

Like its friend the Gaspard glove, it is made in Turkey with GOTS certified organic cotton.

The birth box made up of these 3 products will be perfect to offer yourself or to offer to a (future) mother! We love ! The little extra of the collection is that even the packaging is 100% recyclable and recycled. What easily adhere to the cause of Umaï.

You can buy Umaï’s products directly on their website:

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